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             Sunday October 11, 2009 

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Dorado Rodeo Fishing Tournament, 2009
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Belize Trips Travel & Tour specialists customizes vacations, weddings and honeymoons to experience Belize's Mayan sites, rainforest, reef, and culture. Belize Trips is helmed by  Katie Valk, a music business refugee from New York City. She vacationed on Ambergris some 20 odd years ago and returned in 1989 to see the mainland, and is still here.  We pride ourselves on being up to date on current conditions and situations at each. We’re enthralled by the Maya and their ancient cities, by life in the jungle, sea and in the air, by Belize people and their different ethnicities.
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Dorado Rodeo Fishing Tournament, 2009
There were 19 boats in dorado tourney...beautiful day blue water calm but very clean water with no weeds birds hardly..but we found a rip current and nailed 3 and lost 2. Only 3 other boats caught dorados.

My radio didn't have the tourney channel on it ( 88a) I guess I have a nice boat and a 10 dollar radio..and my emergency sat phone satellites were not working - been down for a month but dealer didn’t tell I missed calling in my fish by 5 pm. Got to dock 5.20 thinking it would be ok as weight in deadline was 6 pm..i could have called from 10 miles out on cell 4.50 pm but I didnt – my fault.. So I was disqualified and lost Calcutta, top boat, biggest fish and female angler. About 8k bzd. Oh well! The fish assoc committee was sympathetic and gave me a 1k consolation prize….but rules are rules…next time I will call in on time!

Photograph by Chris Berlin              
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