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             Thursday October 15, 2009 

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Painting of a woman carrying a watermelon by Chris Emmanuel
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Born in Tropics in 1960, as part of a family of five, Emmanuel's talents were apparent at the age of three. As a young boy he excelled in music, dance, drawing, painting and writing poetry. After Graduating he went on to study Graphic Design and Creative writing. Entering the work force he pursued theatre, modeling and Graphic Design. Unsatisfied with these careers, Emmanuel decided to pursue his dream and become a fulltime artist/writer. Traveling to San Pedro, Belize, Central America on holiday he fell in love with the mixture of cultures, the sea, the sand and the reef. His paintings and writings reflect his feeling of being connected to nature. His unique books and paintings explore the tropics with colorful abstract shapes of people and wildlife entwined in perfect harmony. Emmanuel writes: Through the art of intense learning comes art. Like the grinds left after a fresh brew of coffee. The coffee is the knowledge- the sweet bitter taste of lifes lesson. The grind is the art-it is the hard fabric of what is left of the journey- the proof, passed and frozen in time. As the coffee to the grind-so the experience is to the art.
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Painting of a woman carrying a watermelon

Painting by Chris Emmanuel              
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