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             Monday November 9, 2009 

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One of a kind original Palm frond Bikini One of a kind original Palm frond Bikini One of a kind original Palm frond Bikini
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My new dream is to build my little castle 2000 sq ft with majestic gardens so that I can sit and admire the view. When I am bored with that, I shall sail the seas and play with pirates in the Caribbean. A self confessed lost soul with a sometimes acid tongue. In lands of politically correct hyprocrisy, I'm not what people want. In a land where stereotypes reign, I'm unforgiveably myself. Traverse aboard my carousel of sublime pain. Hitch onto my not so merry-go-round. Enter my soul soliloquy...and take pleasure!
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One of a kind original Palm frond Bikini


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I am not sure exactly what makes tourists go wild at the Split Bar on Caye Caulker, but they do on a regular basis.

Full Moon only brings out more madness.

When the inevitable day comes (hopefully not too soon) where this little broken beach bar is torn down to make way for a new concrete fancy one which will no doubt lose the charm, well......, all we will have then are these good memories and photos.....

Mandingo, the designer and tourist as model.

Photograph courtesy Tina Auxillou              
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