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             Tuesday December 15, 2009 

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A Calm Barrier Reef Drive
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The Belize Sustainable Tourism Program (STP) is a response to the challenges that must be faced if Belize's tourism sector is to grow in a manner that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. The intention is to strengthen the sector's contribution to the national economy by consolidating the overnight tourism market with investments and activities along three inter-related fronts: enhancing the tourism experience and resource sustainability at consolidated destinations subject to pressure; diversifying tourism products in emerging destinations for the overnight market segment; and strengthening tourism institutions for policy, destination planning and management.
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A Calm Barrier Reef Drive (Front Street) in San Pedro, 1972, also a comparison photo from 2009
Let the photos speak for themselves with this shot of Barrier Reef Drive taken in front of Coral Beach Hotel in 1972 and this present day shot of the same area. A whole line of residences are now businesses and the traffic, of course is so different. Close your eyes a moment and reminisce to 1972 on the size of the population, lifestyle, children's activities, education, health, nightlife, banking, shopping, lighting, real estate, cost of living. There were 125 fishermen in the village.

Photograph courtesy Ambergris Today              
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