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             Thursday January 7, 2010 

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Belize City undertaker W. Pilgrim
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Belize City undertaker W. Pilgrim

Photograph by Chris Berlin

Belize City undertaker W. Pilgrim

Wilhelm T Henry: I remember when Fresh Dead used to carry the coffin to funerals on these. We were told to get to the front when the hearse is a distance away and bend over and look between our legs and we will see the corpse on top of the coffin. ( We were little boys then). I also remember when us boys: Danny meighan, Bradsey Leslie, junior Miguel, Maurice tunks, Glenford Pele Gillette and myself were chased trough fuller's alley where I lived, by fresh dead on a hearse, because we used to tease him a lot. Fresh Dead was Mr. Franklin, he used to wash and dress the dead, but there was also a saying I don't want to quote, could get me in trouble with living relatives. The hearses used to be parked in miss Sofie Lyons yard.

Richard Ramirez: Don't forget Sammy who also guided the hearse. On his way to the hospital to pick up, he would stop at Democratic (on the corner of Barrack Road and Craig St.) to get a drink. The horse gelding knew the routine so he would automatically stop at the bar. Fresh Dead used to visit people that were sick to get ready. When folks saw him coming they would close their doors.

Louis Belisle: I recall meeting fresh dead as a child at the old Belize City Hospital Morgue. That look and then the hoarse voice and laugh, was an eerie experience.

Francis Lizama: He was a good friend of my Grandfather James Christie

Eugene Trench: Growing up two men I was afraid of Fresh Dead & Mask man. Later on in life found out they were the kindest gentlemen.

Ronald Bradley: Franklin he used to live in malic yard on cemetery Road. We use to wait for him by pound yard bridge like 7 in the evening for a run.

Tina Bailey: Same thing happen to my friends and i when we were going to high school because we pass his house on cemetery road hollering fresh dead, he chased us all the way into vernon street.

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