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             Sunday January 31, 2010 

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Wil Nunez, 1976 at Fido's Bar
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At Fido’s our motto is 5 star food at 2 star prices. You WILL BE sitting under the largest palapa in Belize on the beach, eating island style: no SHIRT, no shoes, no PROBLEM. We offer a large selection of local and international cuisines. FIDO’S has been praised in Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Arizona Life Styles as a casual yet fun place with great food and great music every night from local bands. You have not been to San Pedro until you’ve been to Fido’s.
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Fido, at his bar. 1976

From JD:
In the early 70's there was no phone, only a radio to the mainland, I think at Maya (was it even called Maya then? I remember we dealt with Dee Jays travel service..)..there was no tv..everyone gathered at night at Fido's bar..unless there was a dance, and there was a dance every night during Lobster season..

From Donna:
Most of the time we spent in Belize was spent on the boat and at Fido's and at the dances on Saturday night. We knew Jeanette, who was the barber and the Castleberrys and the Eiley's. I remember meeting lots of people as everyone was so friendly. We had all that stuff on the boat for Jody and Sherry. Also had 50 lbs flour for Jo Castleberry who was the baker on the island. Wayne was a pilot. They lived at Paradise. I would still like to go back to Belize someday. I am getting old so it had better be soon. HA-HA also I had Howard and Rippy and a guy named Keith on the boat and I spent a lot of time cooking for them as we could not afford to eat ashore. we did eat the tamales almost everyday!! Then Liz came on board and she loved to fish as much as I did. So we ate lots of fish.

Photograph by JD Schulz Lowe              
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