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             Friday February 5, 2010 

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Richie Woods  and Reynaldo Cecilio Squires chatting at Fido's, early 1970's
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Richie Woods and Reynaldo Cecilio Squires chatting at Fido's, early 1970's

From JD....
This is the first pic I have of Richie, with Reynaldo Cecilio Squires. but he was a Sailor and had worked on boats, and we were talking about Sea Beans... I collect them, Ritchie had taken my up to Rocky Point and we beach combed on the way back down and I found many later at Fido's, this man was telling me about all the lore about the beans and how lucky and medicinal they are believed to be..

From Iraida....
Richie, a handsome guy, we lost a great man, what a shame! Reynaldo Cecilio Squires was from Panama but married a San Pedrana, Ms. Nena that has worked in the laundry at Ramon's Village for years was his wife. His children are Mari, Deny, Mini and Olita. 4 girls, Mini worked with me for a while, was a past Ms. San Pedro and they are all beautiful girls. He did a lot of work here on the island, excellent electrical engineer. I remember my Dad saying Refriferation Technician.

Photograph by JD Schulz Lowe              
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