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             Tuesday February 9, 2010 

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Mr. Nick the Basketman, Seine Bight, 1971
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The Official Website Of Seine Bight Village. Land of Garinagu and the intelligent folks of Belize. An Indigenous Culture, Garinagu or Garifunas are the largest Black ethnic group in Central America.  Garifuna Poets educating those seeking to learn about Garifuna people about Garinagu in Seine Bight, Belize, Caribs, Garifuna and Garinagu of Seine Bight, Hopkins, George Town, Dangriga, Barranco, Belize, Honduras Guatemala, Nicaragua, Yurumein, St. Vincent and Garinagu everywhere.
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Mr. Nick the Basketman, Seine Bight, 1971
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Gail Dusa: Is the guy we used to call the Basket Man? Lived in Seine Bight. Never kenw his name.

Barnacle Bill: nick

Maz Carr: also known as came & gone - he came tok your money for basket and then was gone always turning up to deliver "after" the buyer had left. He died a few years back now down in Barranco.

Madalon Richardson: The old Hotel Seine Bight bought a lot of stuff from him. We still have several trays- -which we still use and quite a few baskets. However he did get us when he asked us to bring him a bible from the states- -and we found out he sold it on the same day he got it.

Lynn Jackson: I knew Mr. Nick left SB ..but I never knew where he went or that he passed away. I always paid him up front for materials, but he always finish the basket work he promised.

Tani Bevier Hopkins: the business got the best of him!~ lol~ I have two from way back when.

Wade Bevier: Ah yes, Dear Nick... I'll leave it at that!

Photograph courtesy Mary Toy
artisticized by Marty Casado              
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