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             Thursday February 11, 2010 

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Villamar Godfrey diving, 1971
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Villamar Godfrey diving, 1971
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Ardeth Young: That's my dad

Kay Westby: Villamar - the the first set of fin and mask. Before that they used a "Waterglass".

Wade Bevier: Notice the excellent shape of the branching corals... :-(

Wade Bevier: July 71 was the first time I swam a dove the waters off the peninsula coast and even visited both Laughing Bird and Hatchet Cayes on that trip. What a Spectical it was. WOW

Kay Westby: Yes - I remember my first snorkel, too. At the reef near Caye Caulker in 1985. Even though it was already messed up there it was the most spectaclar thing I had ever seen!

Dasha Shivers: Mr. Villa looks buff!

Jenna Godfrey: Thats papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Godfrey: And he still dives!

Ardeth Young: Still dives at the age of 76

Cherilyn Brown: dawm i did recognize my own father

Jenna Godfrey: wow well papa is wikid!

Loco Lisa: yep he was hot! and hes still really great! the 1st mask thing is going in the book as is a poem he recited for me last night nite on the field.

Doug Simmons: It looks like Cagey to me.

Selecta Leesh: look at my daddy he make it in d book of history.......awesome!love u paps!

Jenna Godfrey: yap

Photograph by Nat'l Geographic
artisticized by Marty Casado              
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