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             Tuesday February 16, 2010 

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Fishing and diving with Allan Forman, 1973 Fishing and diving with Allan Forman, 1973
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Wil Lala has been a sculptor his whole life.  At age 8 he was making 3D sculptures of the animals on the Kansas farm where he was raised. He has been featured many times for his stone sculptures and lost wax castings. Wil's current work stems from his strong beliefs in recycling. Lala's large shimmering tapestries made up of aluminum beverage cans are being created in both of his studios.  One studio is in the United States and the other is in Belize, Central America.  The collecting of recycled cans is varied according to location.  It is interesting to note that when he is working in Belize, Lala trades fresh fish he has caught for aluminum cans that the locals collect.   The cans are washed and cut up into small squares he calls pixels.  Holes are punched in each pixel and the pixels are wired together with recycled copper wire.  Hundreds and hundreds of brilliant pixels come together that reach back to the ancient traditions of tapestries and mosaics.  These glittering aluminum fabrics merge the past with the future.
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Fishing and diving with Allan Forman, 1973

Photographs by JD Schulz Lowe              
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