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             Friday February 19, 2010 

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The Paradise Hotel, taken from the beach in front of the cemetery, 1973 The Paradise Hotel, taken from the beach in front of the cemetery, 1973
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1. The Paradise Hotel, taken from the beach in front of the cemetery, 1973
I used to go there at night when the British soldiers were there for R&R..they were a funny lot, and lloved to party..I hardly ever got the humor in their jokes, tho... The dock in the background is the Paradise Hotel dock.

2. We first stayed at the Paradise Hotel... well at that time it was the last hotel on the conch shell road. nothing further... The Mayor was a nice black fellow who was married to a British woman. we used to go to big mama for food. Because the Mc Dermotts didn't have a real restaurant a bar yes run by a wild guy. when we use to go through the beach to big mama i fell into a grave. at that time it was still in the open. It was the best diet i have ever been on (never was on a diet) we ate lobster, crab and chicken... for almost nothing. then somebody open the 1 Pizza place. Paul (at the Belizean Hotel) had his own french Chef. so we ate around the was wild..

Photographs by JD Schulz Lowe and Chantal Thuysbaert              
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