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             Sunday February 21, 2010 

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Richie Woods, 1974 Richie Woods, 1974
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El Fogon Restaurant
Dedicated to the home style cooking of Belizean Creole and Mestizo food all prepared in an open fire hearth (or ‘Fogon' in Spanish).
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1. Richie Woods, 1974
2. Richie with my friend Donna Garcia, 1982

She came to San Pedro with me even tho she didn't swim and got seasick on boats.. We had quite an adventurous trip thru Mexico to get there. Donna had a stroke and died 2 years ago.. I can't remember what Richie was fooling with on his head.. can't see what he's holding..

Richie was probably in his early 30's when we met.. but I also think we're much younger than even the past generation, in mind, body and soul..

I have been feeling so sorry for Richie, but I try to remember he lived like he wanted to live, and because of his good nature and his intellegence, he had many opportunities provided by his many friends to make something of his life, but he preferred what he was doing, and that's ok too..

Photograph by JD Schulz Lowe              
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