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             Thursday March 4, 2010 

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Tarpon eats my hand Tarpon eats my hand Tarpon eats my hand Tarpon eats my hand Tarpon eats my hand
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Caye Casa is a charming guest house on the Caribbean Sea. We specialize in personalized service - both on the land and on the sea. All the rooms open to a shady patio, a private sandy beach, and then the ocean.  Caye Casa is conveniently located for all island activities - scuba diving. snorkeling. sailing. fishing, bird watching, and enjoying the Barrier Reef. Use our boat to explore. Watch the sunrise from the patio, go on a jungle river tour to the Mayan ruins, then watch the sunset from the beach.
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Tarpon eats my hand
I was feeding the tarpon at the Sunset Grill for the kids with us. I had done this several times in the past but they always gave us whole sardines but this day all they had was cut fish pieces. I guess they had not adjusted their aim for the smaller pieces! This happened four or five times; once it went completely over my hand. Didn't hurt at all; so I kept doing it, that is till I looked down and saw my blood dripping in the water. Took a month for the skin to grow back! Don't attempt this at home!(or any where else)

Laughing now,
Bob Young
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Photographs courtesy Bob Young
artisticized by Marty Casado              
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