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             Monday March 8, 2010 

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Delia, young girl from Placencia, 1971
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When you stroll through San Pedro, you come to know the Holiday Hotel, its wonderful barbecues, and Celi's Restaurant. The hotel is a gorgeous colonial structure, best seen from the beach, but also has a street entrance.  A three story hotel, it commands center stage in San Pedro. The seafront rooms are comfortably cooled with air conditioning and ceiling fans, or let the cooling trade winds add their romance to your stay.
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Delia, young girl from Placencia, 1971
Dhelice Marie Moore nee Ysaguirre; Placencia born. Pricilla “Jen” Banner’s mom, Sister of Kevin Modera & Pinky. Maz Carr Delia as in Silvia & Mike's Mom. She was ten years old and on the beach with her mother Daisy "Chita" Cabral and was leaning on an old piece of stick.

Delia looks so young there in 1971, when they took these pics. Published January 1972 in Nat. Geo as "Belize, the Awakening Land." Page 142 has this picture "a girl of Placentia".

Photograph by Nat'l Geographic              
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