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             Tuesday March 9, 2010 

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What’s Occurring At San Pedro Fitness Club? What’s Occurring At San Pedro Fitness Club?
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My paintings come from my dreams, from my store of images and memories.  In my dreams, images bubble to the surface, clean and freshly laundered.  I awake and write, I describe what I have seen, before the curtain drops and the dream is lost to the light of day.  I often feel I am left with a complete story or painting, I could not have written or envisioned in my wildest ramblings.  Yet, it is there, reality in a dream... Savanna
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What’s Occurring At San Pedro Fitness Club?
Well, my husband Marc and myself Jinnie moved to Ambergris Caye from snowy London just over a month ago to take over the running of San Pedro Fitness Club. We came out here for a week in November and decided that this was the place for us!

One of the first things we did was refurbish our fitness room at the back of the main building. Last night we had our first class in there, Bu-Jitsu. This is a mix of martial arts – great for getting fit – wow, did we work up a sweat!

We are in the process of giving the whole area a make-over including opening the pool side bar again very soon. We have also nearly finished our roof top terrace which is great for watching the sunset. It will be a beautiful Mayan themed haven which is also available for private hire, as is our pool. So, if there are any special occasions coming up, why not pay us a visit and see what’s happening.

Besides the pool and the gym, we also have tennis courts and a volleyball court, something for everyone. Dive schools have been using our pool as it is the deepest on the island…and the biggest!

If you can teach any kind of fitness class, then we would like to hear from you as we are trying to build up our facilities. Let us know what you can do.


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