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             Saturday May 22, 2010 

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The road in Mata Grande Wednesday afternoon after mass rains The road in Mata Grande Wednesday afternoon after mass rains The road in Mata Grande Wednesday afternoon after mass rains The road in Mata Grande Wednesday afternoon after mass rains
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The road in Mata Grande Wednesday afternoon after mass rains

written on Wednesday...

Hi Neighbors -

This message is for those of you who are not on the island right now. It's a little update on an amazing day of rain.

If you have a cistern it is probably full. If it's not, have somebody check the condition of your downspouts, because you should be filling up rapidly.

Last time I checked we'd had 10.5 inches of rain in the past 24 hours - and 9 of those inches fell in about 4 hours.

Boats are sinking. Roads up our way are under water. The frogs are already making frog noises in the back yard. If I had an underwater camera I'd take photos. When there is a break in the weather I'll give a try and send a visual along for reference.

This is one for the record books.

Suggest you keep an eye on the further stats by visiting:

Stay dry

written on Thursday...

Dear Middle Islanders ......

Photos below show the road in Mata Grande yesterday afternoon.   The water averaged 4 inches deep in most places - a bit more in ruts.  Tomorrows picture of the day shows the rainbow that appeared as the showers abated and sun broke through - it was quite beautiful!  The next to last photo is bailing the boat AGAIN - only 30 minutes after the last time! The last photo is from today's San Pedro Daily photo of the day taken in front of Tropic Air downtown.

I have not been back to the road this morning to check on conditions because the mosquitoes are too fierce.   The hatching occurred, the winds died and slowly began to blow from the west.  All the bugs are being blown out from the forest towards the beach.    Cleared lots are not too bad, but for those that have standing water or are near some standing water, the bugs are pretty bad right now.  

The SACNW sent out a notice related to a low-tech method of dealing with the mosquito issue:

Attention! If you have standing water in and around your property pour a little (depending on the size of the puddle 1/2 cup to a cup) vegetable oil on it. It will create a film on top of the water and stop the mosquito larva from being able to breathe and they will die. You can find inexpensive oil in some of the supermarkets in town. This will break the cycle.

Given the amount of water around our area I am not sure how much oil we'd need - but as soon as I can get a couple of gallons I'm going to spray up and give this a try.   Also suggest that you instruct your grounds keepers spray plants really thoroughly with the usual pesticides every day for the coming week, and weekly after that.     If we get this batch soon enough we can slow down the insect-population explosion.  


Photographs by Diane Campbell              

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