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             Wednesday June 2, 2010 

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Construction of the first Haulover Bridge Construction of the first Haulover Bridge
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Neil Fraser Historic Belizean Galleria
The Neil Fraser Historic Belizean Galleria. A collection of photographs of Belize from the early 1900's through the 1960's or so. Lindbergh lands the first plane in Belize, early logging, and much more!
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Construction of the first Haulover Bridge
One of my father's construction projects was the first Haulover Bridge, which replaced the ferry. Here are two photos showing the bridge under construction. My father would often take me with him when he went up to oversee the construction work.

Photographs courtesy Neil Fraser              

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Haulover Creek Area:

"The chief Military station was at the Haulover, and there the Superintendent resided. Had there been facilities for deepening the bar, so that vessels of large tonnage could enter the river, and repass when loaded ; or, if the navigation of the more northern mouth of the Behze, which opens from the Haulover, were practicable, a more agreeable situation for a town could not have been desired. At present there is not a single building at the Haulover. The Government House, (the last remaining,) being a few years ago destroyed by fire ; nor does the least vestige remain of any except the ruins of three batteries, a part of whose works may still be partially traced, and a few dismounted guns, may still be seen."

Source: Honduras Almanac 1829

P.S. The "Haulover" that is being referring to in this excerpt has to do with the area where the Haulover Bridge is currently. The "bar" that is being referred to is the mount of the Belize River where it enters into the sea after the Haulover bridge. It seems that somewhere in this area was where the fist superintendents used to live prior to 1814 when the new Government House was built. Two forts were buit in this area by Superintendent Thomas Barrow in preparation for the battle of the St. Georges Caye. It was thought that the Spaniards were going to attack this area first.

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