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             Thursday June 3, 2010 

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Dolphins riding the waves into the shore
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Belize Tourism Expo, Marketplace & Expedition is held in Belize every two years, and offers an exclusive opportunity for travel trade professionals to meet with local suppliers, learn more about Belize, and experience the destination first-hand. Travel agents and wholesalers can increase profitability through destination education and personal encounters. Local tourism service providers will showcase their products and have a chance to interact personally with international partners. The 2008 format has changed slightly, with four days of countrywide expeditions (10 itinerary options), travel professionals will better be able to immerse themselves in the product, and learn first hand how to sell the destination.
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Surfing lessons from the experts
Dolphins riding the waves into the shore. It's not in Belize, but I love this picture....
Lest you think its fake, check here, here and here..

"It was taken at a well known surf spot just south of Durban, South Africa called Cave Rock during a surf contest called the Rip Curl Tube Masters. It's an annual event held there because of the big hollow waves that come through at that time of year.

I've been a professional photographer all my working life starting in 1973 and have been involved with surfing since about 1965 so I've learned a whole heap from the true "surfers"!

At this time of the year (May to July) the surf always picks up due to weather conditions (our winter) and along the Natal coast we have a unique situation with huge shoals of sardines migrating up the coast towards Mozambique. Of course bigger fish follow the sardines, game fish follow those fish and then the sharks and dolphins follow the game fish, the old who-eats-who story.

It's fairly common to have dolphins in the waves with you while surfing, quite unnerving at times they come up next to you while you're on the wave!

On this particular day, I saw the pod cruising in the backline behind the surfers and knew from experience that at some stage one or two of them would break off and join the guys in the surf.

So I was anticipating some action from them, but nothing like what they presented me with!

I've been shooting surf pictures for over 30 years all around South Africa but rate this as the best one I've ever been lucky enough to get!"

And here and here are some other pics of dolphins riding the waves.

Photograph by John Pauling.              

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