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             Monday June 7, 2010 

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Jerry McDermott, early 80's

Jerry McDermott, early 80's
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Greetings from the Belize Audubon Society (BAS) the oldest conservation organization in Belize! Did you know Lighthouse at Half-moon Caye that the oldest protected area in Belize and in Central America is Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. and that BAS manages it along with 8 other key conservation areas? We invite you to explore the nine protected areas the way nature designed them and to help us support our programs.
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Jerry McDermott, early 80's

Janis Morin: Gerry! He was one of a kind. He loved us girls. Took us out on his boat for rides and we hung out in his bar. Lots of memories...loved his Riverwalk home. Quite a man! Sitting on deck outside was wonderful in the evenings.

Francis Paul Ripp: This was my mentor, we did dozens of deals together, Once he hired me to go to Saltillo Mexico and buy a 18 wheeler truck full of the original Clay Saltillo tile and deliver it to Belize City. Man I got a thousand stories about jerry, once he paid me not to whip his brother Cory's ass. We also went on one of the best 4 day island hopping trips I have been on hitting all lighthouse, turneff and glovers atolls and diving many locations along the barrier reef, dropping into island resorts and bars. God Bless ya Jerry. fantastic memories.

Chris Berlin: There used to be an old joke about the difference between the McDermott brothers. With Cory you would get into a deal knowing you were gonna get screwed and leave with a scowl. With Gerry you would get into a deal knowing you were gonna get screwed but walk out with a smile.

Photograph by Wayne or Jo Castleberry              

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