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             Friday July 30, 2010 

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A man with his raccoon
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River Rat Kayak and Land Expeditions is an adventure center located in the Cayo District of Western Belize. Our team is made up of professional outdoor instructors and fully licensed guides. River Rat offers our clients a wide range of opportunities for exploration and adventure in the outdoors, bringing to light the beauty and excitement of Western Belize! We have converted our childhood back yard into memorable and exciting adventures down the roads less traveled.
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A man with his raccoon

Raccoons are seen as a pest. The masked trash pandas can steal pets food, make a mess with your garbage, and turn a hole in your wall into their home or even worse, their bathroom. Poison eradication is grossly inhumane, and trapping the entire family for relocation is unlikely. Besides, raccoons like everything else have their place in the environment and jobs they excel at. In rural areas, raccoons will help with the distribution of seeds, feeding on plants and fruits and carrying those seeds with them until "nature calls". When they dig for worms and insects they turn over the soil, promoting decomposition and plant recruitment. And they are of course also prey items for larger predators such as big cats, snakes, crocs, and birds of prey. In urban settings, raccoons are a form of pest control, feeding on frogs, toads, snakes, rats, and wasp larvae.

If you've been having issues with raccoons in your area, follow these steps and you should see your problems solved.

A man with his raccoon

Photograph by Thomas R. Blackledge, M.D.              

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