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             Thursday December 30, 2010 

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Mexican vine snake
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Las Terrazas Resort is among the newest luxury resorts to be built on Ambergris Caye  one of the most popular tourists destinations in Belize. This new island community and resort is nestled on 4.8 acres of palm-shaded private beachfront. All townhomes have full kitchens complete with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and are stocked with dishes, glasses, linens and towels. Every residence is fully furnished with modern amenities including flat panel televisions, hand-crafted furniture and luxurious fabrics.
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Mexican vine snake
The Mexican vine snake does a very good job of imitating a branch or vine, at least until it realizes that it's been seen!

This species reaches 5 feet in length and eats frogs, birds and lizards. It's slightly venomous, but not enough to be dangerous to people. In spite of its name, it's found all the way from Arizona down to South America. Most arboreal snakes are green and live in rainforests, but the Mexican vine snake is brown because it lives in drier forests, where its color matches the surroundings better.

Photograph by Richard Seaman              
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