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             Tuesday January 11, 2011 

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Stygian Owl
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When I first visited Belize, i was searching for the same jungle paradise i enjoyed while shooting Apocalypse Now in the Phillipines. I discovered it tucked in the Maya Mountains and invite you to do the same - Francis Ford Coppola
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Stygian Owl
This is a rare species that is restricted to the pine forests of Belize. We recently trapped and tagged two of these owls along with Raptor Biologist Ryan Philips from the Belize Raptor Research Institute. This is the first time this species is trapped and tagged for Radio Telemetry studies. As you can imagine, we are super excited to have accomplished this.

I keep tracking the owl, which apparently does not cover much area during the day, but doubles the hunting zone at night.

Photograph by Richard Holder              
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