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             Saturday February 12, 2011 

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Blake House, when John and Jeanne Bremekamp had it, 1977 Blake House, when John and Jeanne Bremekamp had it, 1977
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Blake House, when John and Jeanne Bremekamp had it, 1977


loved to watch the parades fron that veranda

I remember watching fireworks there and my dog having a nervous breakdown.....

It should still be there.

That was such a great old building, but the extention cords were alittle scary

awww...I loved that place. I haven't been in San Pedro since it's gone. It was like "Cheers" . ..."where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came...."

The bar with sand on the floor holds many memories of lobster and rice in Sue's restaurant.

Oh my many memories and great Pizza.

The old Barrier Reef and the Navigator Bar. Was owned by John and Jeanne Bremekamp. The Sea Turle Gift Shop was on the side street run by Genaro "Crusher" Nunez (R.I.P) and Conchi.

Photograph by Jim Titheridge              
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