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             Tuesday March 22, 2011 

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Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip! Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip! Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip! Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip! Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip! Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip! Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip!
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Be Kind Belize
The Be Kind Belize Humane Education programme has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Belize National Curriculum at Standard 2, 3 & 4† and is aimed at children between the ages of 8-10 years old.† Lessons will complement and enhance studies in math, science, social studies, art and health.† Lesson plans can be adapted as needed to fit in with the principles of different schools and as all lessons are interactive, the children are more likely to learn effectively because they will be personally involved in the learning process.
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Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip!
We left the school at a little after 9am and arrived at the zoo at 9:25am. We were expected and we simply walked right in. The kids were anxious to see the spider monkeys, but got pulled up short by a 9-foot boa right at the entrance in a lovely new enclosure. Then the snake-man got the boa out of the cage and started draping it over the shoulders of the kids. We were there for around 30 minutes!

Then a keeper accompanied us all the way around, carrying a bucket of food for every type of animal. The kids got to feed the tapir, the monkeys, the jaguar, the ocelot, the mountain lion and the crocs. Very exciting!

At around 10:30 we felt we were done but then of course we needed another 30 minutes with the snake and one child got pooed on. I have never seen a snake poop before - I was so mesmerised, I forgot to get a 'during' picture. It looked like snot and squashed peas if anyone is interested. At 11am we finally got the kids out to the swings for their snacks, just as Miss Helen arrived. Naturally the kids wanted to show her all they had seen so one hour later... they finally got to eat their snacks and we headed home around 11:50. We arrived back at the school at 12:15, tired but very happy.

Photographs by Nikki Buxton of Belize Bird Rescue              
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