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             Saturday April 2, 2011 

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Spiffy crew of sharks and rays in the Belize Shark Project
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Roots and Reef
Roots and Reef is PCSD's newsletter (produced in conjunction with South Coast Citizens for Sustainable Development). PCSD was formed in 2006 by concerned residents from all communities on the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize - Maya Beach, Seine Bight and Placencia.  Their concern was the rapid, unplanned, poorly executed and unsustainable tourism development of the Peninsula. We provide information about proposed developments to Peninsula residents to ensure that all such developments are environmentally, culturally and economically sustainable for the fragile eco-systems of the Peninsula and its communities and cultures.
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Spiffy crew of sharks and rays in the Belize Shark Project
I want to introduce everyone to our spiffy crew of sharks and rays in the Belize Shark Project beautifully illustrated by Marc Dando. Over the course of the next year, Hammer the great hammerhead, Betto the bull shark, Mr. Ray the stingray, Rosy the Caribbean reef shark, Ms. Nellie the nurse shark and Tamba the whale shark will be helping to inform folks in Belize and worldwide about the wonders of sharks and rays and why sharks are worth so much more alive!

Rachel Graham

Artwork by Marc Dando              
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