Canal outhouses (Comfort stations), Belize City, 1965 and 1975 and some stories about Ms. Florine, aka Chicky-Chick
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Saturday November 17, 2012

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1965 East Canal: The House of Commons or House of Lords?

Why did the Belizean cross the kinnel/canal without a bridge? Would you walk across the canal on a narrow piece of metal like a tightrope walker and risk falling ln shitty kinnel water?? The fellows did it to show off lol. Bad boys did that running away from the police dragons, Mr Tablada Gideon and Christmas Bud wid yo bike pon yo back no light no bell no license outlaw night riders.
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Canal outhouses (Comfort stations), Belize City, 1965 and 1975 and some stories about Ms. Florine, aka Chicky-Chick

As much as Belize transitions, there are some fragrances imbedded in our minds, lol! Here is to Belize Antiquity... ...


Off Barrack Road right!?

Right this is off Barrack rd..Glen Castro used to live in the yard on the ccould get to Grants alley by crossing the london bridge behind the outhouse..

This is Walter hood yard as we knew it with linkage to grants alley.

We used to throw big rocks under the toilets to make the canal wata splash pan whoever was in there.

Yes this was a pert of our history . And that is why up to this day certain family member won't eat catfish as a matter of fact she broke down and cried when one of my American girlfriend fried catfish in her house. Mom would say that's where the Catfish were FAT!

None of our canals have been closed up. They are a most important part of our drainage system. In fact, they have all been narrowed, cemented, and railed off.

The shit house by slaughterhouse was one of the favorite hangouts until you had to run from the police LOL.

It was a man's thing for sure. They should never have been built over the canal. Then again, they were also at the Cayes - most private homes had them - out houses over the water.

Yup remember it well. The men toilet. I never saw women go in there.

Oh they had women sections too! At least at that time there were public restrooms along the canals and sea side.

I'm glad however, that the black and white photo hides the actual color of the canal and surroundings! Yuck....

The one were we grow up didn't even have water running it was shit on top of shit so u have to hold your breath and run till you pass the canal and shit house.

There was a toilet like the one on East Canal on Collect Canal just after you cross Vernon Street bridge heading towards Lake Independence the area was call Conch Shell Bay, near Mingaís Club. One was opposite Bismarck Club on Queen Charlotte.

I also remember our slop bucket posse considering how many times it would spill in front of Mr Sells shop on Prince St.

You can still spot these along the 'beach' behind Caesar Ridge Road.

Ms. Florine, aka Chicky-Chick

One of our best known female entrepreneurs from that era was Ms. Florine, known as Chicky-Chick. I innocently called her that mean name, Chicki Chick because that was how she was addressed at the time. My Aunt Fuller with whom I was living at the time, made me apologize to her, and told me how I was to address that poor woman who had a beautiful daughter! That day I learned something about respect. I was 5 years old! I was made to understand, she was an arduous worker! I apologize for ever thinking lowly of her! May she and God forgive me my foolish and childish error! She humbled herself so her daughter would have! Praise God for that poor Soul, who was scorned by others, but she was a better person than I!

A Belizean used her as an example of a entrepreneur in a well known Harvard Business School case study. She started her service of doing what others would not do for themselves, or could not do for themselves because they were too old to make the walk to the canal with the buckets they used to do their business in. She would make several trips, sometimes with 2 buckets, one in each hand!!! She would empty them, wash them out and return to the people she did this for. People scorned her because it was a smelly job. She made her living this way, she discarded of people's feces in white pails in Belize City canals! She did multiple families for a fee. She used an old stroller so she could do multiple buckets.

My mom taught us to giver her respect! Hard worker! She didnít deserve the scorn and bad treatment she got. If we only knew her then we would have think differently about her. May God rest her soul.

Misha Hyde I always have nightmares about crossing over the kinnel. When I was a kid I had to cross kinnel over a bruk up bridge with missing or rotten wood, to go to the store for my granny.

NO, NO. I never walked across one of those. I am clumsy with no sense of balance. Please!! Those big catfish would have had me in one bite !!!

Jean Barklow: Fall ina Kennel twice trying to get to school on time. One by the Elliott sisters house. The other one was by jail warf.

Donald Gilbert Tucker: As children, we use to see who can run the fastest pan the kinnel board.

Photograph courtesy Capital Newspost

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