Getting aboard! Belize Airways Ltd. - Belize's National Airlines in the 70's.
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Monday February 2, 2015

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Sergio Sabido: Pretty impressive picture. They even included the two or three planes that were for spare parts. Maybe the one missing the nose cone?

Belize Airways Pilot Hat Badge

Belize Airways Flight Attendant Wing

Boeing 720 Belize Airways Model Airplane
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Getting aboard! Belize Airways Ltd. - Belize's National Airlines in the 70's.

B.A.L. Belize Airways Ltd. was founded in 1977 and involuntary dissolved in 1980. Their headquarters was on Queen Street, Belize City. They had a fleet of 6 passenger jet planes.

This was the Airlines which Mr. Jerry Nisbet organized many years ago. But its fortune was short lived. Alberto Smith was the money man and Barry Bowen, Yasin Shoman and Alex Hunter were the Belizean directors, plus thre were some Hondurans. Flying with them to Miami in 1979 when they were on their way down, the china, crystal and silver service dining they had started with had been replaced with Plastic.

Lance Lewis: I flew on it. It felt lIke first class all the way to MIA. Lots of food and lots and lots of seats for one to pick choose and refuse It was good to go but now its gone with the wind ( winds of change)

Jeshua Zinala: When it went (bankrupt) a big time dude from Mexico came and purchased the fleet of planes.

Patrick Joseph: I flew on BAL. excellent service and food I was so proud of our airline.

Mike DePaz: I went on it to Cuba 1979. It was perfect.

Josie Nunez: My sister Maria Pollard was a flight attendant (right).

Hanifa Eleanor Reneau: As were Josie Reneau, Ursula Barrow and the rest of those charming young ladies, trained by Pat Quinn from JA!

Maria Pollard: Actually training was by Pamela Hurst. Pat was one of the flight attendants.

Philip Balderamos: The most beautiful, helpful, well trained and efficient flight attendants ever

History of air travel in Belize

by Hector Silva

My first encounter was Charles Lindberg landing at the Barracks in 1928.

Then I reviewed the landing of the Pan American SEA Planes, at various spots of our Coast, especially at the Barracks and at the Yabra LAGOON ( Yarborough ).

This was followed in 1938, by TACA ( Transportes Aerios Centro Americanos, TACA now renamed Avianca) - First flights between Belize City and San Ignacio. to service the Mahogany Extraction.

This was followed in early 1940's, by BWIA, British West Indies Airways from Jamaica.

Then came TAN / SAHSA, (Transportes Aerios de Honduras via Belize to the. USA - SAHSA, (Servicios Aerios Hondurenos S. H.

Finally came TACA, followed by many attempts by Belizeans, to form a Belizean Airline. -

Then came such brave persons like John Grief, Kurt Binder, Jerry Nisbitt, Robayo, Derrick Aikman, Eugene Zabanneh etc.

BUT RECENTLY, PLANES HAVE BEEN LANDING or FALLING FROM THE SKY, from everywhere and from no where, with and without Cargo and Drugs and you name it. ( Money some say. )

This was at the old airport

Flying Out.. the gentleman is Rene Zaldivar aka Papas that use to work for TAN/SAHSA.

TAN Airlines in Belize

TAN later joined up with SAHSA to become TANSAHSA. Famous New Orleans flight and also Miami. Used to fly Tan Sahsa Airlines out of Miami early in the mornings. Had the best bloody Mary drinks and food. Would arrive in Belize real early, and with the time change they were very long days, but most enjoyable.

They used to call it “stay at home, stay alive”. SAHSA. And TACA was “take a chance” airline! Both were great airlines!

Tan Sahsa at Belize international Airport, notice the RAF Regiment Rapier missile in the center of photo. Photo courtesy George Villanueva.

Classic Timetable from BAL - Belize Airways Limited.

Top photograph by Noel J. Escalante

Brukdown, the Belize Airways Flight Magazine

courtesy Alan Leslie Colton

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Belize Airways Ltd Tribute

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