Barrows Hall in Belize City long ago
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Sunday August 28, 2016

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1963 This event continued for several years after Hurricane Hattie! This scene was taken after a September 10th parade and school children came to the infamous "Barrow's Hall" to pick up their refreshment of a bottle of "lemonade" and a slice of cake!

Sweet Belizean Beauties. Left, front row Nadia Richards, Rt, front row Dorla Lennan. Rt, back row Laura Tucker. Those “shift” dresses were popular in the 60's, very cheap and easy to make. Sexy. Look closely and you’ll see them standing by the street faucet that use to be on the sidewalk. All dem nice gal, da grandmothers now!

Our dear mother “Effie Olivia Barrow” sitting on the back stairs.

Effie Barrow 1950'[email protected] San Luis Saw Mill, Mountain Pineridge

Our beloved father “Patrick Randolph Barrow Sr. RIP Dec 31st 1999

Roll-Back 1964, The Barrows @ Christmas in Belize back row: Guy / deceased, Raymond / deceased, Bunny, Patrick Barrow Jr. front row: Patrick Sr. / deceased, Shereda, Shyrll, Lois, Effie / deceased

Our beloved brother “Guy Cutbert Barrow” RIP 2007

Sherryl Barrow upstairs Barrows Hall 1960s, see our Coffee table "figured mahogany" built by Belize's best furniture maker Willie Renolds / Castle Street.

Barrows Hall

Martha Weatherburne with her son Darwin, Sherryl Barrow Shereda Jones sitting on Street Faucet in front of Barrows Hall in the 1960s

Dorla Lennan & Nadia Richards @ Barrows Hall 1960s
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Barrows Hall in Belize City long ago

A colonial style, built by Belize’s top builder/contractor Bill Myvette in 1961. After Hurricane Hattie, in the 1960s it was the only teenager party spot for years in the city. The building is still owned by the Barrows and they are going to do a total restoration of the house.

That is the Patrick Barrow's Family house on New Road, which is still standing, albeit vacant! The house in itself is historic as it was turned into a hurricane shelter during Hurricane Hattie where upwards of a 100+ individuals were saved from that wretched storm. The last family that were saved during the hurricane were the Carillos from across the street. That family almost drowned and did not seek shelter until the storm was in full force. I vividly remember the number of men it took to stand behind and open the front door the let in each one of the Carillos, as the strong winds were raging! But, praise be to God, not one Carillo was lost, and the men successfully kept the winds from coming in and destroying the house! My sister, Sherryl Barrow, was born in this house; my brothers, Guy, Patrick and Bunny, started and ended their cycling careers at this house; our Mother, Effie in 1968 went into her "final" labor with what would have been the birth of her 8th child, and 4th daughter.

From this house. Lots of memories! Raymond Barrow, Lois Barrow, Guy Barrow, Patrick Barrow, Bunny Barrow, Shereda Jones and Sherryl Barrow have their memories of times spent at 151 New Road, Belize City!

It used to be a dance hall in the 70's, I used to sneak out and go to dance there.

Many a Saturday night dance there as a teenager owned by Patrick Barrow Sr. they lived upstairs before that they lived on dickernson mrs was the nicest person an a wonderful influence on us young people remember tuesday night fun...

I lived in across the street I am still friends with the children of Ms effie n Mr pat. I used to sneak out to the dance to watch folks Mello down back in the days...

This is my family's home! It was our family' s hurricane shelter during Hurricane Hattie! Over 100 adults and children found safety in that house during the deadly rain, winds, thunder and lightening and rising water. When the water receded and the grime cleaned out, the downstairs wa turned into a distrubutuon center where donations of clothes and shoes were received and distributed to everyone in need! That was the beginning of lifetime friendships. The Patriarch was Pat Barrow Sr., and the Matriarch was Effie Barrow! The downstairs became the infamous "Barrow's Hall"! Many people on your timeline forged wonderful memories at Barrow's Hall at the dances put hosted by my Mom! The years following the hurricane, Barrow's Hall was used to distribute "cake and lemonade" refreshments to school children after they marched in the September 10th parades! My baby sister, Sherryl Barrow, was born in this house, as our Mom birthed all of her children at home with the assistance of midwives! The house still stands on New Road today. One day soon we will begin work on it to restore and revive it! My brother, Patrick Barrow Jr., will probably add some more history about our family home! Thank you for featuring my childhood home on your blog! Am humbled to be able to share a little of the history of the Barrow's residence!

I knew it was after the 10th parade as you can see the little girl with her lemonade, wish it could be refurbished and turned into some community social base for young people in memory of those who owned it...

Olive Hampton: For me was a regular spot to hang on sundays afternoon as i was allowed to come over to hang n play. Ms Effie n Mr Pat was always about love, i always felt welcome. I thought u guys was family too but was never a question. My fondest memories was our sunday shanadigans on the porch with lois n raymond. I also enjoyed playing jack n ball with shereda, but the bestest was your mom sunday desserts with drinks. As for the hall the noise would keep us up and occassionally i would sneak out to go watch, and maybe sneak in a dance at street side with one of the neighborhood brothers, there was Ernest N Brannon Jr , Kent Smith , and the felix brothers. Lionel Felix , Delmas Felix There was also the carrillo brothers, Joe n Carlos, We would would sneek in a dance as we watch the adults party. Of course i got a few whippings for sneaking out without permission. I pray every time i pass by watch it still standing with the hope it can be repaired n restored to its glory, as a bed n breakfast maybe. Please hurry up guys before it too much to do. Shereda Jones , Sherryl Barrow ,Bunny Barrow, Patrick Barrow . Fun fun happy memories for me.

Alan Usher They made a racket for us to sleep at nights but in those days it finished by midnight. In modern times the noise would include the obscenities and vulgarities that sleepless children be forced to listen.

Patrick Barrow The baddest and best Dj along with his self homemade amplifiers was TUCKER'S SOUND SYSTEM used to DJ a lot @ BARROWS HALL in the 1960s

Nowayesandra Weah Some of the most exciting times in our teenage life during the 60s.Spent many Friday night along with my friends Enid ,Jenny and Brenda, souling down to Percy Sledge, Otis Redding and others. Of course our boyfriend met us there, so we enjoyed even better. Clean fun, respectable young men who came around and reached out their hand asked you to dance. We Wesley College girls were forbidden to be out late( cannot remember our curfew time) but one night as we left the Hall walking down New Road we saw our Principal’s green jeep coming north on New Road. Well thank God for the alleys on New Road, we scampered off and took refuge in the alley until MrCousins passed. Boy those were the days, so thankful for those wonderful memories. And during Christmas season, I recall the song “Let it snow” blazing from the box, the dance floor was full,so we could hardly move as we danced.....You get the picture? Well we partied hard but during the week we also studied hard...and thankfully our little clique of girls turned out to be productive, hardworking citizens and leaders in their own right. One of us even married the guy who taught her the art of “ souling down “at Barrows Hall.A don seh it.

Kathleen Skeen: Had some real clean fun times there as a teen.

Photographs courtesy Patrick Barrow

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