Belize City policeman in the 1920's
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Wednesday April 19, 2017

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Brodies, a wholesale and retail merchant, has been in business since 1887. Located  on Regent Street in Belize City, Brodies offers you supermarket goods, hardware and appliances, pharmaceutical items, agrochemicals, a veterinary, and department store items. Over 118 years of service.
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Belize City policeman in the 1920's

They looked classy and were respected. Stiff uniform.

Those uniforms was hard work to keeping then looking sharp shine buttons keep the creases in the correct places those days haveing a peace officer just to keep him is hard and deal with his uniform is double work i no because i have a Father and a grandpa in it.

My uncle james cadle was aunt use to personally wash starch n iron that bad boy..n me n my cousin denid polish d belt d boots n d buttons..d brass buckle n d stuff that went on d uncle was sharp as a tack.

Who's tunic did he borrow from to go pull off Government House duty at guard house at the entrance to the governor's compound or for the parade of opening session of the Supreme Court. Can't you see the sleeves are extremely short. And Brogans need some polish on it. Charges brought as a result..., "Out of uniform." Penalty, loss of one month salary-$45.00. Lol.

My papa was tall dark and handsome and did justice to that uniform, he wore it with such pride and dignity # 108 my papa, RIP

The police they look like weney the poo with they big belly buttons missing shoes is s disgrace.smoke and drink in there uniforms in bar room for get there cap in the bar I see that gor a fack.the biggest a bad word and that is from the high man them.oh boy names I can but wont mention.and they want us to respect THEM and they dont respect there own self.back in the days we use to have police men now its pocotempos.stuff dolls they dont eaven look like law men.dont ack like people we should be proude to say thats our police men.CHO.

There was no laundry machine so they wash them in the bath pan with the soap and scrub it on the scrub board then put them in a bid lard pan or bucket that had washing soda and the soap they boil them then rewash it in the bath tub in clean water rinse them with a little blue water, hang it to dry in the sun on the line .they starch it and iron them and that's how they got their uniform to be just right..

Photograph courtesy Noel Escalante

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