Jackie Vasquez, big game hunter with a jaguar, long ago
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Wednesday August 30, 2017

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It is saddening to reflect that no great ancient races inhabited these lovely Isles, that no great man ever lived, and laboured, and worked, and fought, and died, and left a name for posterity to honour and to cherish as a ‘household word’; that no time-honoured tower or world-famed temple, or pilgrim haunted shrine ever stood on yonder cape—in short, that the past is all a blank.
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Jackie Vasquez, big game hunter with a jaguar, long ago


Jacky Vasquez story was a myth turned a LEGEND. Jacky was a mechanic/ electrician by trade, but a professional hunter and guide by Choice, and good at this. Jacky Vasquez was the brother of John Vazquez. Perhaps because many times he carried guns, a COW BOY IMMAGE was created. Jackie had the misfortune of falling into a few Traffic Accidents, and he was lucky to survive, while his passengers succumbed. So the story was spread, that he was delivering SOULS to some evil spirit. I knew Jacky Vasquez very well - To me he was a gentleman. Soft spoken and friendly. BUT the same was said of Mr. Eyles the Old Old man. School children would run when his name was called. Then there was Greezy Man - Tunka and others which kept the children IN CHECK.

We had other Characters like Katate, Tongue pan Chest Walter, Timba and even COBO. I could go on butchildren in those days weren't adventurous to find out nothing about these Characters...suffice with the story and we were in Bed and off the streets , early.

I have spent a lot of time with jacky in 60's and 70's he was a hunter who use take tourist to hunt jaguars had a old guy who work with him name Archie who he use dress a jaguar skin and let get on his all fours and look like a jaguar but he had a bad knee so when he move in the bush he was limping so when the tourist want to shoot him jacky who say don't shoot him he's old then the tourist would leave Archie alone and jacky would say at least you saw a jaguar but jacky was a survivor

Jackie was a wonderful person, a good hunter and a great guide.His customers were mostly hunters but I went several times with him and watched how he moved in the jungle (pineridge)

Jacky is the father of cross country champion Shane Vasquez.

I knew him well he used to come drink with my father on Albert Street on many a Sundays and my memory of him was ohhh boy u just get so fearful of him but in the end he just says things but he was a very humorous person when u really get to know him may God bless his memories.

Great white hunter & botanist, knew all the native plants by scientific names and supposed to have had The Powers. Here he is with a jaguar he killed.

I remember everyone was afraid of this man, as a child we were told so many things about him. Heard he use to kidnapped kids on easter and use their hearts for some mystic purpose . the truth for that I don't know. While he was never convicted of any crimes, Jackie Vasquez was at times seen in the same vain as Edward Rodney.

He has a well known son and a great Belizean cyclist. ..Shane Vasquez..his other sons are also very good boys hard working and respectable.. Maureen Scharton, Carol Rohan, Sylvia Jean Kuylen all daughters of Jackie.

He used to live on Gabourel Lane beside St. Mary's School when I attended there. He was a hunter and some people said he dealt with the Devil. I saw him many times - he never harmed me. All kinds of scary stories were told about. I remember they said he was an awesome big cat hunter.

He use to be the boogie man...wen we were kids ...there was this abandon house by municipal airstrip that people seh jackie vasques lived there...and he use to eat children...so...who is..this man...anybody...and why the mystery behind the name..

Fact - myth - folklore. He was just a man who loved hunting.... It was three brother's John, Jim and Jackie. Yes he was a great hunter but all dat was said about him was a lie, me myself as a child was scared and he was my Uncle. But in reality he was a good uncle.

This is the Belize I have come to know, believe nothing you hear. On Caye Caulker if 2 men raise their voices at the Split, 10 minutes later the story at the airstrip is there are 4 men dead.. Duendes! Eaten children? This shooshing is so typical, the truth about a guy who liked to hunt was just nowhere near sensational enough!

I recall an article in sports illustrated? that had a piece about him.... And here it is!

Land of Wild Men and Tame Devils

Sports Illustrated, April 03, 1972

If you want to go where nobody goes, try Belize. Fish and game abound, and duendes might carry you off and teach you the guitar

A puzzled look came over the travel agent's face, and he asked me if I would please repeat. "Certainly," I said. "My wife and I are looking for a place where nobody goes and we can catch a little sun and a few fish and it doesn't take forever to get there—and nobody goes there!"

"Yes," the travel agent said, "I see. Hmmmmm. That shouldn't be too hard. Hmmmmmmm. Let me see. Ah, ha! I've got it! Alabama!"

"We've been to Alabama."

"Well, then," the agent said, pulling out a map. "Let's try something dramatic. How about Oaxaca? No? San Jose? Oh, I see. Grenada? You've been there, too? Let's see.... How about British Honduras?"

"How about where?"

"British Honduras, also known as Belize. Look here at the map. It's that little spot just south of Mexico. Just east of Guatemala. On the western edge of the Caribbean."

"Tell me about it."

"I don't know anything about it. I don't think anybody knows anything about it. I don't have a single brochure on the place."

I looked at Su and Su looked at me. Eureka! We had found it.

Read the rest at the Sports Illustrated Vault

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