Visit by Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Belize in 1958
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Tuesday August 28, 2018

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City officials and guests lined up to greet Princess Margaret on her visit to Belize in 1958. Well dressed Belizeans

That's the staircase leading from the upper flat of the governor's house to the second floor, right out to the back patio.

AP caption reads, charmingly: 'Sir Colin Hardwick Thornley, governor of British Honduras, peeks under parasol carried by Princess Margaret to chat with her as he escorts her from Fort George Wharf to Militia Hall in Belize.'

Inauguration of Princess Margaret Drive, 1958. Governor Colin Hardwick Thornley 1956-1961 on the right in full Governor's Rigale Plumage. Not sure who the gentleman on the left is. Maybe the Colonial Secretary.

Princess Margaret, her Chaperone from the UK and Deputy Commissioner of Police Ralph Price. The Colonial administration would not award him the title of Commissioner, he was too Belizean. So he resigned and went to live in New Orleans. His daughters still live in New Orleans. Some Belizeans called Ralph Price, the best looking Police man. He died in New Orleans.Roe's house in background and Dr. Perez Schofield's house at extreme left.

Princess Margaret used the boat "Rocket" while on her honeymoon at Sgt Caye. The boat man was Dolpho (used to call him Pania). The Rocket had the Union Jack painted on the stern in honour of the Princess. It was stolen from the boat yard by the Bradley Bottling works and found with its stern blown out. See the engine covers where Princess Margaret liked to sun bathe on. Photo courtesy Charles Eyles.

The boat in this photo may be seen at Government House, it is under a shed, but not in good condition. The boat (Sea King) used to be owned by Baron Bliss. It was his launch to get around.

I found this photo in ma's album... George Villanueva

I met the daughter of Governor Thornley's personal driver (Mr. Griffith) who was in the car at the time this photo was taken and I asked her if he ever said what they spoke about and she said he never spoke about the Governor's personal business.... Regent Albert

Princess Margaret at the opening of the Princess Margaret Drive 1958.

East Indian Dancers Performing Traditional Dance, on the occasion of Princess Margaret visiting Belize City in 1958.

Garifuna Dancers Performing "Wanaragua" by John Canoe, on the occasion of Princess Margaret visiting Belize City in 1958.
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Visit by Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Belize in 1958

Princess Margaret is being accompanied by the Governor, Sir Colin Thornley and was welcomed by students, girl guides and citizens at the New Town Barracks. The Land Rover is on the Newton Barracks, the building in the background is the Belize Club, the precursor to the Pickwick Club.

Second photo not from Belize, just shows what Princess Margaret looked like....

This visit in 1958, did two things for Belize, the collassing and naming of Circular Road, as "Princess Margaret Drive" and the establishing of an improved water supply for sections of Belize City. Her tour to the West Indies ended the day following her visit to Belize in 1958.

Circular Road was that road that served as a horse race track that ended by Barracks - and later was the access to Hone Park, (where Marion Jones stadium is now located).

In this picture Princess Margaret is being accompanied by the Governor, Sir Colin Thornley and was welcomed by students, girl guides and citizens at the New Town Barracks. English vehicle too. Rightside steering wheel.


The flowers for her visit were provided by the Corozal Sugar factory abd my brother in law David Mackay and my sister were in charge of procuring them.

I remember that day as I was one of the students from St. Hilda"s College that welcomed her. All the different schools were present on that special occasion.

I was on the street waiting for her to pass. She was elegant and beautiful and waving her hand to the people.1.The vehicle is a Land Rover and were popular for hard work in difficult places. You should be proud of having a street named after Princess Margaret.

I was also there. We took a boat ride around the Royal yacht Brittannia on the Pamelyne owned by Jimmy Currie.

I fainted from the heat on Barracks green. My Great Grandmother took me home cursing up a storm!!!

The Official photographer on that chequered shirt is Paiz Acosta

I remember I was about 7 or 8 years old and the entire school went to the Belize airport and we spelled welcome on the ground with our bodies it was beautiful and such a long long time ago.

l was in Corozal as a child my parents listen to her arrival on the radio they had big celebration in Belize City.and at the airport when she arrived .I surely don't remember the year.We saw her picture because it was in the newspapers throughout the country of Belize At the time she looked beautiful.

I remember all the schools went out to the barracks and waited for her. When we were in school and we all had to go by the waterfront to welcome her. All students formed a Welcome sign, so that as the airplane flew in the sky she would see it, so long but I do remember, even the dress she wore on that day.

Joseito Sosa: I was 6 years old but remember the parade. Their was a huge arch that was built right where the Belize Bank is now Build. She stood on the veranda at the Government House while the parade march into the grounds and around the house and out through the other gate. The Holy Redeemer marching band did a spectacular performance. The British Army band also perform it was indeed a very memorable parade the only one of its kind.

Icilda Jennifer Coye Paredez: I remember those big arches that were built high across the street where she would pass, there were 2 at the old swing bridge, the one on the south side fell on a girl & her albino sister Lucy lifted that arch where her sister was like Tarzan & others helped to pull her out, it was so amazlng.

Paul Pollard:My friend and college buddy, Roger Bradley, lost his dad. Apparently, he was going through his dad's personal things and found this pamphlet announcing Princess Margaret's visit to Belize in 1958. With his permission, below are the photos of the pamphlet that he found.

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Princess Margaret in Belize 1958

Princess Margaret's Tour Final Scenes - 1958

There was a Citizen's Procession in Belize, British Honduras, in honour of Princess Margaret's visit. The Government house was floodlit for the banquet, at which the Princess met the leading citizens of the country. The Princess then posed for the camera with the Governor, Sir Colin Thornley and his wife. Home by "Britannia", her Majesty the Queen welcomed her sister at London Airport.

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