Royal Bank of Canada, Albert St and Regent Street, 1920's and 1972
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Saturday September 8, 2018

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Penny Keating: Watched many parades from that verandah. It was great place to watch as the parade came off of the Swing Bridge.

The building direct in front was the Royal Bank of Canada.
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The Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Center. The Belize Zoo is settled upon 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 125 animals all native to Belize. Zoo SceneThe zoo keeps animals which were either orphaned, born at the zoo, rehabilitated animals, or sent to The Belize Zoo as gifts from other zoological institutions. The Belize Zoo believes that by bringing the people of Belize closer to the animals which are their natural heritage, they will feel proud of these special resources, and want to protect them for future generations.
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Royal Bank of Canada, Albert St and Regent Street, 1920's and 1972

Times Square of Belize! Top photo from 1972, second photo from the 1920's. In front of the market.

Top photo: An early photo of Belize City market square, back then the old Bedford trucks were our means of transportation, sitting on planks you can see the steps on side, the lazy man bench were eventually removed. This truck was an Austin brand used to run the Belize Road to Maskall and back. The truck's name was Willingly. It's owner was William Johnson, the driver's name was William's known as Willy. No revolving clock yet.

Mule Park was in front of the Royal Bank of Canada, in Belize City. The Royal Bank of Canada had the services of "Mule Park," This was the largest Transporting Service in Belize City.

This used to be "Obeah Man's" hang out, Carl Hemsley. He used to walk on top of the market roof. Used to climb up on the market top. The police chased him and he jumped in the river and swam across to the other side. At that time that was a lot of excitement.

The Royal Bank of Canada purchased the Bank of British Honduras in 1912 and then later sold its institution to the Belize Bank in April of 1987. Mr Reyes and Cheyrl Rudon ran the Foreign Exchange Department 1977-1979. Mr. Eugenio Moya used to work there in the 1970s under then General Manager, Mr. Anderson, from Canada.

Stephen Ramsey: I think that is my father in the background on the mule and cart. His cart is the only cart parked there because he runs goods for Agusto Quan.

The History of Financial Institutions at the corner of Albert and Regents Streets

The Government Savings Bank was opened in 1846 and located at the corner of Regents and Albert Streets (where Belize Bank is located) in Belize Town. By 1903 it became the Bank of British Honduras Limited and it was the first recognized commercial bank in the colony. On October 12th, 1912, the Royal Bank of Canada purchased the British Honduras Limited. Then in 1987, the Belize Bank Limited purchased the Royal Bank of Canada. Finally, the Belize Bank purchased Scotia Belize Bank in 2020. Regent Albert

I am always fascinated at how clean the street was,I remember the biggest garbage you would find was a cigarette butt or a chewing gum foil,,That was a beautiful BELIZE! If you were caught throwing a Cigarrette BUTT or MATCH STICK you would be charged $25 Dollars and a good scolding by magistrates Balderamos or Hassock.

Neddy Urbina: Banks have been a part of our economic lives in Belize dating as far back as the early 1800's. In 1912 the "Royal Bank of Canada" initiated a buyover from an older British Honduras Bank and opened its doors to the public. With its main office situated in Belize City it also served our country with branches to the north and south of Belize. In 1987 the bank sold its business to a newcomer called "The Belize Bank" after seventy five years of service to the Belizean people. In those days bank managers were powerful. They would always remind you that they can "Make you and break you." Below is an ad of the Royal Bank of Canada dating in the late 70's. I think it was taken from the back page of a Brukdown magazine dated 1981.

Yalita Rosado: That’s me top corner, on the phone. This was taken in 1981.

Rosie Vargas: I was hired by RBC in June of 1976 at the Corozal Branch. Mr Tony Kuylen was the manger at the time. I remember all these faces. (Yalita Rosado, Linda, Esther, Russell, John, Tux, Dora, Efrian and I think the first person looks like Sharon.)

Ornett Lord: My brother Edward Lord 2nd (Scotty) ( Fred Laing deceased ) Russell Gillitt, John Waight, Ms. Rita Wright, Mr. Linda Alpuche.

Günther Lödi: RBC is a British firm with a Canadian name.

Gonzalez Castellanos: I remember the cards you’d fill with shillings to then open your own savings account.

Alda Noble Waight: They were dimes.

Harriet Scarborough: I remember that for a long time the bank did not hire any black Belizeans. There were a couple at Barclays Bank in the 60s, but not the Royal Bank. The air-conditioning sure felt good though.

Check out all the trucks to the left side before the buses, a couple vintage vehicles and of course the Lazyman bench, one of our members favorite spot to relax, also check out the ladies bike the lady is riding, probably a Raleigh model, even had a chain guard, the round licensed plated also visible on it. Photo courtesy George Villanueva.

Neddy Urbina: The transportation system was mainly trucks of all districts coming into Belize City. These trucks were mostly of English origin. The wooden boxes were locally made to transport passengers on the front part and freight on the rear part. The market was the center of business in the 50s and early 60s.

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