Holden Memorial Hospital, later known as the Chateau Caribbean, long ago
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Sunday August 4, 2019

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This iconic building, the Chateau Caribbean in its glory days, is no longer, it's just a vacant lot now.

An early photo of Chateau Caribbean in Belize City, photo courtesy George Villanueva.

A photo of the deck out back, a little shot from the dogs of war, during some remodeling. Photo courtesy George Villanueva.

1997: Chateau Caribbean Located on the waterfront next to the large Radisson Ft George Hotel in Belize City, the Chateau Caribbean is my favorite place to stay. Built as a house and medical clinic about a hundred years ago, its weathered a lot of storms and seen better days. Even during it's heyday it was a mixture of grand proportions and design with an execution of construction and materials that couldn't quite keep up. But it has survived with character that far outweighs its lack of polish. Laid back and low key, with good service and food, this place is an example of the old caribbean, before tourism became a major industry. Photo credit: anoldent

Images just above and below: From the action movie Dogs of War. This is a scene where Bally Gegg and Emory King are having a drink at that beautiful mahogany bar.

This photo by Gordon Kirkwood

The Biddle residence (Chateau) on Marine Parade 1940's - spectacular! Photo taken in front of what is now the Fort George Hotel. The big house was Biddle's / McLeary's / Chateau Caribbean / burnt down! Area once called Barracks not too far from Princess Hotel

A Cenotaph at the Memorial Park in Belize city Honoring our WWI War Veterans, a popular stop for the Western Caribbean Cruise ship tours. To the bottom right you can see what remains of the burnt out Chateau Caribbean.

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The most famous restaurant on Ambergris Caye is undoubtably Elvi's Kitchen. Whether you're craving crab claws, lobster, calamari, scallops, mussels, fresh water lobster, shrimp, conch, or fish (whole, steaks, or fillet), Elvi's is Di Place for seafood. From appetizers of ceviche and buffalo wings to classic island entrees, the flavors that you enjoy at Elvi's will stay with you for a lifetime.
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Holden Memorial Hospital, later known as the Chateau Caribbean, long ago

The Chateau Caribbean, a beautiful historic building suffered devastating loss November 27, 2016 as a fire engulfed the building. This beautiful building was built in the early 1900's. It was 100% built by Canadian Ceder. It was built and assembled in Canada, then dismantled, shipped to Belize, and reassembled in the spot where it was until yesterday. It was owned by the Biddle family and was the most expensive home built of its time. It survived the Hurricanes of 1931 and 1961. It later became known as the Holden Memorial Hospital under the care of Dr McCleary. This building was truly a magnificent home and a tremendous loss to our historical heritage. There are only a few historical homes left, the Belize Estate home is one of them. Those that remain need to be preserved for the generations to come.

This used to be the best place in Belize to get a t-bone steak meal back in the late 70's/early 80's. It was truly a historical landmark.

It was also the home of Fred & Minnie (nee Grant) Biddle. (Mr. Vidal who became Mr. Biddle.) He owned a popular store where the Belize City Post Office is now located. Capt John Biddle & Catherine (nee Lind) had three children: John, Adelia, and Fred. There is a back story about that structure. It was built in Canada, maybe Nova Scotia and then deconstructed and and shipped down in pieces to British Honduras. Biddle's store had the best toys. It had a beautiful staircase and floors.

There is another story that the Biddle House was designed by C. N. Fraser and built by Fred Biddle from Belize mahogany. It was fun to play in that attic.

Dr. McCleary developed and added the hospital wing, he was also the owner of the Mango Walk that was situated in the Independence Village which he sold after a while. David Bradley was the administrator at the hospital for many years and developed a great friendship with Dr. McCleary and Ms. Eunice Bayba. The ground floor was converted to a night club called Zorba the Greek back in the 1980s. In the 70's Dr Cabrera one of the physicians there.

In 1820 when the Old Public Hospital was built and you were considered a “Poor White Person”, one would have to apply for admission to the hospital from any Magistrate for approval.

Faith Babb: Missing Chateau Caribbean’s Sea Food Combo,those Sizzling Steaks and most of all Vera Lowe’s warm, welcoming smile.

Lucio Cabrera: Had the pleasure to work there with Tracy Panton and other great friends.

For more information on the fire and building, click here.

Caribbean Chateau Hotel Drone

A drone video of the Belize Chateau Caribbean Hotel. March 2018, 500 days after the fire, with a little history of the building.

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