The old Belize City Hospital, long ago and now
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October 20, 2021

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Old Belize City Hospital main entrance, C1C2 directly in front of the sea upstairs. Surgical Wing.

Opening of the New Wing of the Belize Hospital.

Belize City Hospital after Hurricane Hattie

The Old Public Hospital was located where the extended section of Craig Street is located next to the new Gloden Bay store. circa 1910/20.

Above two photos by Wendy Auxillou

Photo by George Villanueva

Above two photos: you can see the vacant lot today as it stands. This photo by George Villanueva.

Adorable kids back then at the Belize City Hospital at the children's ward, 1975. Photos courtesy George Villanueva.
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The Glover’s Reef Research Station is an ideal location for marine research and the only research facility within the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve.  Owned by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the station is located approximately 45 km off the coast of Belize on the Glover’s Reef Atoll, the southernmost of Belize’s three coral atolls, which supports extraordinarily high biological diversity across its 35,000 hectares. Since 1995, the station has provided a platform for scientists to conduct cutting-edge research at one of the Caribbean’s most complex and important coral reef systems.
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The old Belize City Hospital, long ago and now

In it's time it provided outstanding medical services to the citizen's at very reasonable cost. It was located on Eve Street and Mortuary Lane.

Jean Burn Yates: The nurses at the Belize Hospital were very well trained. They did a good job. I do remember going there as a little girl--my father contracted typhoid and was in isolation. They were very kind in placing my father in a window on the second floor of a wing in the hospital where he could wave to us while we stood on the verandah of another wing. He recovered--had to learn to walk again but he was eventually fine. Our family did not know that he had typhoid when he was ill at home--luckily, we did not get the virus but we all had to have three shots. I could only remember myself and my sister, more about me, screaming my little head off. I could not have been more than 6 years old. Poor Dr. Clarke, I remember those needles well--I thought they were the longest needle I had ever seen. Because of Covid, I thought I would mention this. As to nurses, my dear departed sister-in-law, Errolyn Croft, trained there and was a qualified Registered Nurse in Canada. She worked for 25 years here on Vancouver Island and when she retired on her last day, all the nurses, even those that were off that day, showed up to form an honor guard to escort her to a limousine waiting with champagne and a bouquet of flowers. When I was told this story, I was touched. She was a splendid nurse and person. Belize Hospital is where she started! Well done, Belize!

Joshua Zinala: I remember walking that street every morning and eveining when i used to take my brother to school in the early 80's i can still smell the iodine!

Ian Blake Sr.: My street Eve Street. I live nearby and there are many residents living on Mortuary Lane now there is even a playground way at the back.

Yasin J. Shoman: There was a reason for the name. The mortuary, commonly called Dead House by we cruffy was at the end of Mortuary Lane.

Gabriel Casey: The morgue was to the rear down the lane, in my Police Career, witnessed many an autopsy there conducted by the famous Dr.Mario Estradabran.

Charles White: ‘Dead House’ was just across from the hospital laundry where my mom worked from mid 70s to the early 80s. Scary place , that dead house .. Joan Audrey: Even more scary when I worked my first job in 1953 in the office and was sent to the mortuary as a joke with a shot victim on the slab, i still remember it today.

Heather McKillop: I had 2 fieldschool students in the Belize City hospital in the summer of 1979. We were staying at the Oosada Tropicana on Eve Street (beside the Currey’s house). One of my students slipped getting out of her too bunk bed and ripped off a finger. The hospital happened to have a visiting hand surgeon who reached the finger and splintered bones in a 3 hour surgery! The other student went fir a swim in an open canal and got typhoid. I spent a lot of time visiting them. A lovely old building with a verandah overlooking the sea.

Gordon Kirkwood: Below: The Old Hospital on Eve Street. The start of life for many. Derelict but still beautiful.

Next three photographs below courtesy George Villanueva


Photograph courtesy Leon Rhamdas

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