Belizean flag on the beach, Happy Independence Day!
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September 21, 2022

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Marlena Gomez Photography
I'm an amateur photographer in Ambergris Caye, Belize. I Love nature and the outdoors ~ framing it one day at a time with photography. Based mostly on Nature in the country and islands of Belize.
Belizean flag on the beach, Happy Independence Day!

Land of the free, by the Caribbean Sea - we’re honored to love and protect you every day.

Hector Silva: THE PEOPLE ARE EAGER TO KNOW MORE ABOUT BELIZE'S INDEPENDENCE. - I knew that this desire would one day burst.

I may not have space hear to give it all, but I will give the frame work of really what occurred during that period 1962 to 1976, and later I will fill the blank spaces.

What ever was written about some Internationalization of the Belizean drive for independence was partly a BIG LIE.

Let it be known that the FREEDOM STRUGGLE began on January the 6th 1950 at the Battle Field Park in Belize City, with the famous delivery by George Cadle Price. and I quote a few lines.

"The evidence tonight is solid and unbreakable. The people of Belize have awakened from false hopes snf empty promises. "

" Patriots we are. Loyal citizens of this country. - We rise up to defend our God given rights to BE FREE against economic slavery, human misery, and bodily starvation. "

" We believe our cause is Just. - Our strength is in our weakness. The struggle may be long, hard and fierce, but we shall rise up in courageous and legitimate resistance against ECONOMIC TYRANNY and oppression."


Fast forward to 1961, when the PUP won all 18 Seats in the House of Representatives. THE FIRST ADVANCE WAS MADE TO MAKE THE WORLD KNOW OF OUR ASPIRATIONS. and what better place than at the UNITED NATIONS. " - This Task was given to our brave Freedom Fighter, Lindberg Rogers.

Then followed our great brave Leader, George Price, who made it known at various WORLD FORUMS that Belize would be the New Nation in Central America, with brotherly ties to the Commonwealth of Nations.

Then George Price travelled to San Salvador, ODECA, the Head Office of the Organization of Central American States, where he pronounced to the General Secretry, Licenciado Guillermo Trabanino, that Belize would join the Organization as an INDEPENDENT NATION.

THEN FOLLOWED THE BREAK THROUGH. - General OMAR TORRIJOS, president of Panama wins the Latin America Vote for Belize.

SO MY SUMMASION AND CATEGORICAL DECLARATION IS, That the four most important persons in the attainment of Belize's Independence are.


Fidel Castro was instrumental in winning the NON aligned Movement. but THE CRUCIAL ONE WAS the Latin American vote. Without Latin America support, we would never ever attain our Independence. This is what many people don't know or understand or were not properly informed, until this very minute.

The rest were players, messengers, opponents, observers, clappers, AND I REST MY CASE UNTIL I CONTINUE REVEALING THE TRUTH, including the dumping of my good friend and Hero of the Revolution, Lindy Rogers.


For quite sometimes, I have been recalling those brave Belizean Men and Women, who stood strong in the Struggle to build and propel the People's United Party, in its "Peaceful and Constructive Belizean Revolution."

I have deep in my memory all those Leaders, country wide, who unconditionally gave their free services to the People's United Party.

Without being selective, I can remember here in the Cayo District men and women, who were prepared to give their lives for the PUP and its worthy cause.

There were so many like, Leonardo Acosta. Andres August. Chico Alvarado, Lennox Bradley and his brothers Patrick and Lennox. - Don Domingo T Espat and his brother Antonio Espat. - Santiago Perdomo, Hernan Ochaeta, Edwardo Luna, Edwardo Torres, Francisco Bautista Armando Sabido, Alfonso Aragon and many others, who I have listed in my archives. - Then the Chairmen and Village Councillors.

The Women Group of the West

BUT also those brave women. led by Maria Samos, Maria Martinez, Lupa Castellanos, Lela Humes, Donia Dieguita, Petrona Bricenio, Beba August, Matilde Carcamo, The Lisbey Sisters, Ms Mariam Usher and so many other brave women.

THIS CAME TO MY MEMORY THIS MORNING WHENN I REMEMBERED THAT ON JUNE 30th, 1957, GREAT LEADER GEORGE C PRICE CALLED ME TO HIS OFFICE AT THE TURTON BUILDING, in Belize City, to inform me that the then Leader of the PUP for the Cayo District, the Honorable Enrique Depaz had resigned from the PUP.

At that instant Mr Price threw a challenge to me like this -"Hector the PUP needs you to take over the Cayo District as Leader."

I was just 24 years and recently graduated from SJC. I was preparing to enter At. Louis University to do Dentistry studies.

BUT ON THE KIND ADVICE OF MY DEAR FATHER, after two days I went to see the Hon George Price and I told him " READY TO GO ! "

Thereafter I went to Cayo,I consulted with the Citizens, who gave me their overwhelming support, and I was elected six elections ( Three Municipal, Three General and served in two ministries and in the Senate on my extra years 2005, 2009.

SO, I say posthumously to all our Heroes and Heroines and my beautiful people of the Cayo District - A BIG THANK YOU.

Photograph by Marlena Gomez

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