Craig Street near the junction with Eve Street going towards Barracks Road in Belize City, 1975, 2007, and 2021
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May 14, 2024

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2021, photo by George Villanueva.

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Craig Street near the junction with Eve Street going towards Barracks Road in Belize City, 1975, 2007, and 2021

The top photo was taken 1975, the black and white photo of the same spot taken in 2007. Today it looks completely different. Notice the old Queen Ann Building still standing. If you zoom in you can see the old Queen Ann Club at the corner on the left. Both photos have the Queen Ann building on the left side itís the last house in the bottom photo next to cement building, itís on the left side of the street but the right side of the photos. If am not mistaken only about three or four of the houses still stand today, they have done a little fixing up on that site Iíve noticed.

That is the building where BSI office is today.

Oneyda Flores Piper: Craig Street POV: From the corner of where Golden Bay is straight down to the Corner of Barrack Road. In the older pic Daly St. starts where the land rover and 2 women are and in the 2007 pic where you see the sign with the arrow. The last building in the old pic looks like the corner of Barrack Road where in the 2007 pic there's a big cement building.

Tricia Marie: My grandmotherís Queen Ann Club is gone but that house still stands strong.

George Villanueva: Tricia Marie, I pass by on my evening walks and i see it, sad to see it deteriorating away slowly, sad really.

Dora Riverol: I lived on Eve Street (off and on from the 50s to the 70s ) almost at the corner of Craig...I remember the Queen Ann Club must have been Tricia's grandmother that I always saw at the bar...she seemed to be a tough lady totally in command and good looking too. This house had the old time wooden shingles so must have been a 1931 hurricane survivor maybe even going back to the 1800s....a pity the building was mot slated for a reno and saved for posterity...don't know how old Craig street might be...there was recently much discussion on Craig street on BNHS and how it derived its guessing it had the Craig name either because the Craig family were the first to settle that street or it was named after some famous Craig person like Eve street , one of the oldest streets on the north side, was named after a police chief ex military guy. Perhaps Tricia's grandmother either married to a Craig related gentleman or she had the Craig family line in her and the house was handed down to her...our lands or housing department might hold clues. The building was once used by Bradley bottling works...wonder if they rented or owned it...again the housing and/or lands department might have always surprise on how well our lands records have been kept.

Harold Usher: This is where Bradley's Bottling Works had it's birth, before it moved to North Front Street and Victoria Street by the River downstairs of Riverside Hall, in the early 50's. All gone today, a distant memory. Bradley's bottling works was on Craig Street directly in front of daily Street by an Alley. They owned the property and the building; however, they were so successful with teir LEMONADE Business that they needed a larger location, hence the Riverside Building. I don't know if they built the Riverside Hall and put their lemonade making Business downstairs. They were more popular than Chevannes Bottling Works in those days. I assume Daly Street is where the two women are walking and the Land Rover is passing. In other words the picture was taken from where the Hospital was, looking toward Barrack Road, at the far end. The last building in the coloured picture would be on the other side of Barracks Road.

Luke Espat: Old Storage

Paul Pollard: That is prime real estate now. When they took down the old hospital, the area was expanded and the road opened to the sea. Those buildings looked like they were falling down in the 70s so it's no surprise the landscape is changing. The 2007 photo put it into perspective. I had a classmate Urlin Smith (RIP) who lived in one of those homes. Across the street was where the band the Zodiacs with the Flores brothers practiced.

Paul Meggs: Spent a lot of time in that hood when I was growing up. Panton's residence was next to the Queen Ann's Club and there was two houses in the yard. We guys had what we called the "BACK HOUSE". Music and card playing was the main things happening at the Back House. The greatest musicians used to drop by. Kid Bowser was a fixture,also Locke,Chato,Bood,Sam,The guys from the Professionals and Harmonetts. The Back House was the home of the "VIBRATIONS". I can keep going on and on about my days in that hood but I'll have to have humungous time to do that. Oh,the MISSION SINGERS used to practice their also.

Photographs courtesy George Villanueva

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