Dit's Restaurant and Saloon in Belize City
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May 22, 2024

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Photo by Hydie M. H. Markie.

King Street on a Saturday morning, 1970's. Mr. Ramsey's mule and cart in front of Dit's Restaurant on Kings Highway.The man had class. Photo by Jerry Straughn .

Pic of BQ, my Mum n Me having lunch at Dit's... rice' beans, stew chicken and potato salad... THE BEST. Photo by Karen McCracken .

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Dit's Restaurant and Saloon in Belize City

If you are Belizean, well you know the rest. Good ol" Dit's Resturant". King Street going towards Albert Street. Eating lunch at this sweet simple café (floral-patterned place mats, a cup of milky tea)feel like being at your grandmother's kitchen. The chalkboard menu highlights fry chicken, tamales and daily specials such as conch soup. A glass counter showcases the justly baked-goods-caramel coated cake, gooey jam rolls and velvety lemon pies. Are you salivating yet?

Adolfo Matus: Walter was my friend. Meat pies were so nice.

Anika Perez: best rice pudding.

Arturo Fabro: Yes my dad took me to Dit's for lunch when I was a kid..bout 78,79 so ..turn out to be the favorite spot when u go da city...

Ava Chatterjee: My grand aunt Dit and my grand uncle Donald Craig were the founding owners.

Barbara Hall: One of my favorites. Best enchilades.

Delcia Chaplin: I miss those days! Rice Pudding,Lemon meringue pie,coconut custard pie light cake(pound cake) milk cake and of course the best for last juices meat pies

Sarahann Collins: Consistent and dependable. Since the passing of Mr Craig, and Walter his daughter Rhondine is doing a fantastic job such a nice Lady with excellent service.

Dit's! Walter would always look at me like, "who is this bakra that shows up at my place like once a year?"

Errington Thompson: They are my neighbours I grow up with Mr Walter Craig children and my grandmother was the one who use to greater the kuknat coconut for the milk to cook the rice and beans for the restaurant, they where very nice people if you go to buy something and you where a little short change they would say it's ok you can have the food... They where very kind hearted people and I miss them because they where like family

France Sol: Yes - my daughter was just talking about the delicious boil-up she ate there with pigtails etc. When my dearest husband was alive we would go to Belize almost every year. Was there 2019 with my eldest daughter but stayed at San Pedro with the locals and had chats with the homeless as I always wanted to experience that.

Fred Robert Howard: Still in action I always loved the coconut pie

Jannette Hylton Holt: Wow we going in time went my went I take my mom to rest the first place I take my daughter is their and we our dance was over from the F.Y.A. we all in a hurry to get their. and some take my arsit their to get some thing wow the food was cool the old Mr D I alway call him or the cool cat he alway has a smile. we going back in time .Nice one those were the days. LadyJan Holt

Khara DeAnn: As a child, going “to town” on Saturday always meant lunch at Dit's or fry chicken from blue birds. Dit's Jamroll would seal the deal after the meal.

Adelia Young: Bread pudding that was spooned up to put in the wax paper or plate if you cant wait to eat it.

Mac Fran: First visit to Dit's was middle 60's when it was across the street and one building down. Donald Craig was the owner and his son Walter took over. Dit's is a family tradition and an enduring Belizean tradition, as Belize continues to change I hope that Dit's never does.

Marie Therese: Every Belizean that came from the States made their way to King Street to Dit's.

Melba Marin: Best coconut pie, ever!!! Have not had like that anywhere else!

Michelle Rivana Buckley: One of my favorites! After a trip to the dentist as a reward I would get meat pies, a slice of cake and my soft drink.

Norman C. Garcia: Was one of my favourite Saturday lunch spots whenever I went into Belize city. Their tamales I really enjoyed and the pastries especially coconut tarts such authentic old Belize style cooking.

Olga Williams: Loved their coconut tarts and meat pies.

Rita Leslie: The famous Dit's rice pudding. nobody makes it like Dit's

Ruth Jay: Best boil up! on Saturday's!

Khara DeAnn: As a child, going “to town” on Saturday always meant lunch at Dit's or fry chicken from blue birds. Dit's Jamroll would seal the deal after the meal.

Rosita Tucker: The first restaurant I remembered going to when I was a kid...As I was about to start eating and never used to knife and fork, they both fell on the floor... I just imagine how my mom must have felt....

Stanley Wright: I’m telling you. If you wasn’t eating at Dit's in the 60’s you’ve missed out on some good food. The rice and beans was the best but those pies was something to talk about. They don’t make pies like that anymore that I know of.

Obispo Juan Balona Juarez: I lived in the city three years while studying, was my first adventure alone from home, and discovered the "rice and beans heaven". Now almost 35 years after and still that is a must stop whenever I visit Belize city.

Stevewhen Palma: Love their bread pudding and jam rolls and meat pies.

Tom Greenwood Sr.: Famous for RICE PUDDING sold to this day.

George Alvarez: Still open!! (See image to the right)

Eugene Trench: Dit’s one of the few traditional restaurants still in operation famous for their pastries and loca cuisine. Walter & his wife such nice people May both their Souls and the entire Craig family who passed away continues to Sleep In Peace.

Valerie Bailey: Their jam roll and milk cake was my fave desert from Dit's. A Belizean thing.

Maureen Young: The only place I remember selling raisin pie, which I loved.

Pearl Griffith-Hemmans: I remember the old days when I would pass by and see Mr. Donald the original owner sitting on the steps outside.

Nick Pollard: Go way back to when Dit's was on the other side of King St 1962.

Errington Thompson: I grew up at the back of that restaurant and my grandmother was the one who use to grater the cuknat coconut and squeeze out the milk that they use for the rice and beans, I remember it well a lady named Miss May used to collect it over the fence from my grandmother, and I grew up with Mr. Walter's children. We used to run up and down King Street until sweat wash wi. Mr. Walter and his wife were very kind hearted people... when I think of Belize my mind always remembers them.

Penny Keating: Last stop before heading to the airport!!!

Corrine Halls: We all used to go straight there to have Belizean food as we landed on that noon flight.

Photograph courtesy George Villanueva

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