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Newsletter for the Northern Marine Reserve Management Unit

This is a new initiative spearheaded by the Northern Marine Reserve Management Unit which includes Bacalar Chico, Hol Chan and Caye Caulker Marine Reserve.

The main purpose of this initiative is to provide an effective means of communicating activities and accomplishments of our northern Marine Reserves. We invite readers to submit comments to the editor and hopefully in the next issue we can include a section with readers’ comments. We also welcome contributor to provide positive article to this newsletter.

We hope that this newsletter will become an important communication tool between management of our Marine Reserves and stakeholders. Therefore, we encourage you to read the information within and provide feedback.

Individuals involved in production of this newsletter include:

Editor : Miguel Alamilla, Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Kirah Forman, Hol Chan Marine Reserve Mariela Archer, Hol Chan Marine Reserve Roberto Carballo, Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve Nidia Ramirez, Caye Caulker Marine Reserve Sylvin Forman Jr., Tour Guide

Click on an entry to download an issue.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader* to read the issues. 

Most Recent! Vol. 2, Issue 3, September, 2010
Vol. 2, Issue 2, June, 2010
Vol. 2, Issue 1, March, 2010
Vol. 1, Issue 3, December, 2009
Vol. 1, Issue 2, September, 2009
Vol. 1, Issue 1, June, 2009

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