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The island got a new road this year & you can easily travel north by vehicle or bike.


My spouse & I had a wonderful time a few weeks ago at Rendezvous. We had the chef's table which gives you a sample of appetizers, main courses, and desserts at the chef's choice. What a great dinner! We had salad exotica which had a trio of fantastic appetizers-shrimp toast-yum. We also had spider crab and phad thai and finished it off with a dessert trio of coconut ice cream, a chocolate honey carmel cake layered with ganache and profite rolles stuffed with cream- We also enjoyed the house wines which are made on site. Thanks Colleen & Glenn for a fantastic meal we will be back!

Larry & Chris
April, 2011

“Ecclectic French Thai Cuisine”

It's amazing how we thought that every single one of our restaurant choices were excellent, but Rendevous was by far our favorite and best meal during our visit.

Again, the restaurant was located on the beach inside a wonderful looking chalet type home, right next door to our hotel. On our first night in Belize we had decided to try this restaurant out but there were no reservations to be had, so we made it a point to make reservations for the following night and were so happy that we did. The food and the service was beyond excellent.

We arrived and were greeted by our waiter and seated at a nice table in the corner close to a larger table with a group of about 5 people (later on we found out it was the chef's family visiting). The restaurant is quite nice with Asian fusion decorations with a bit of French tossed in.

This night the restaurant was a bit slower with only the three tables occuppied which we found strange since it was a Saturday night but we were happy to have the attention of the two waiters, who incidently invited us to the their Beach BBQ the following day. We also met up with them later on that evening at probably the only club in Ambergris Caye.

The food was amazing, one of the best I have had. Prices were reasonable compared to our other meals in Ambergris Caye as our dinners average about $70 per night during ur stay. This particular restaurant's prices were the lowest, we didn't pay more than $55 (US) each including a drink and a shared dessert.

As for the food, wow it was excellent and even the other diners where raving to the chef about her wonderful sense of combining the different tastes of each dish.

Miriam and I started our evening with a drink. I had a mojito and she had a margarita on the rocks. We looked at the menu and made our choices. We decided to order an appetizer to share and we chose this wonderful salad which was a combination of chicken, pork with all sorts of seasonings and was excellent.

For our main meal I ordered the snapper (the catch of the day) which was excellent and was paired with a coconut cream sauce and saffron with an orange ginger rice, YUM!! Miriam had the Thai Pepper Pork which were medallions of pork in a Thai garlic peppercorn sauce served with the orange ginger rice. OMG, what a wonderful meal experience and we couldn't stop talking about how excellent the food was. We even spoke to the Chef (Collen, a wonderful transplanted Canadian women) and thanked her for a wonderful meal. She reiterated the invitation to the Beach BBQ the next day.

We ended this fabulous meal with Colleen's Chocolate Truffle Cake, it taste as good as it sounds.

Parisbeba from New York
January 18, 2011
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The food rocks. The chef rocks. The Pinot grigio rocks.
Not to forget the trio dessert.
Oh and the shimp toast !!
I'll be back next month. x

April, 2011

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“Oh Rendezvous.. how we loved you.”

The ambiance, service, and the quality of food exceeded our expectations. The owners attention to detail did not go unnoticed. Even the restrooms provided a foot wash, live aloe, and bug repellant. Shaggy and Marisha worked together to provide exceptional service to us and the full restaurant. Kudos Marisha, you're very good. Not long after sitting down, we noticed the fisherman bringing in crates of seafood. When they say catch of the day, they mean it. All 3 courses were delicious. Eat here!

May 15, 2010

“excellent atmosphere, food looked and tasted magnificent”

If anyone suggests it is possible to get to this restaurant with a rental golf cart, please resist the urge for that adventure. Water taxi is the only possible mode of transportation. It is well worth the trip. Very romantic, memorable, and unique.

Mar 23, 2010

“Best Thai Food Ever”

Their food was AMAZING. Out of all the fantastic restaurants we ate at while in Belize, this was by far the best. They had the best pad thai I've ever eaten in my life. My husband and I practically fought over it. I eat authentic Thai food all the time so I have something to compare this to. The restaurant is quite small but felt very intimate and down right classy. The restaurant is very quiet but in a good way. You can have a quiet, romantic dinner overlooking the ocean. Their small bar was really cool and their bartender has gotten my husband permanently hooked on mojitos (except none have ever been as good as the ones we had at Rendezvous). We almost didn't eat here as we had a couple of choices for our last dinner in Belize. I'm so glad we decided to go here. I feel like going back to Belize just to eat at this restaurant. It was that good. You must eat here, trust me.

Mar 4, 2010

“A lovely dining experience”

Thanks Colleen, keep up the great flavors. The service was by far the best we have encountered in Belize.

Jan 29, 2010

“An Island Delight”

When visiting Ambergris Caye in Belize, no trip is complete without a dinner at the Rendezvous Restaurant. Located a short water taxi ride north of San Pedro, the new visitor is rewarded with the best dining experience on the island, bar none. As a frequent visitor myself, my guests and I never miss the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic fusion of French and Thai cuisine served there. The ambiance is beautiful with elegant service and a wonderful menu. Your host and hostess take personal supervision of all preparation and service and they have raised this island dining treat o an art form. While reasonably priced, the food is just wonderful with an excellent mix of meats, fish and vegetarian dishes available. Don’t miss the chili crab which rivals the best served in Singapore for spicy freshness. All in all, a wonderful evening under gentle Caribbean breezes awaits the hungry and thirsty traveler at a true gem of an establishment. Bon Appetite”.

Sean O’Boyle
Dec 9, 2009

“Amazing, delightful dining”

I have had fine meals all over the world, but the food at Rendezvous is quite amazing. They have a mix of entrees that has something for everyone. Wonderful food, quiet, fun. The crab is fabulous, but do go back a few times so you can try several of their exquisite tastes. A treat for the taste buds.

Dec 5, 2009

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