BWS inaugurates water system in Caye Caulker

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 27            July 8, 2010

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    On Thursday July 1st 2010, over 30 residents of Caye Caulker gathered at the Belize Water Service’s plant compound to witness the inauguration of their very own Water System.

    Ceremonies commenced sharply at 1:30pm. Mr. Haydon brown, Public Relations Manager for Belize Water Service (BWS), was the master of ceremonies. The welcome address was given by Mr. Alberto Villanueva, Caye Caulker Village Council chairman. A Keynote address was given by Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and closing remarks were given by Mr. Herman Longsworth, Chairman of BWS’s Board of Directors. Also in attendance was Her Worship, Mayor Elsa Paz In a telephone interview with Village Council Chairman, Mr. Alberto Villanueva, he stated, “This is definitely a plus to the island in terms of our tourism products. The new water system means cleaner and safer water; a constant supply with adequate pressure for residents, tourists and visitors to the island. Previously the main source of water on the island were wells, however 99% of the wells are contaminated so this is definitely healthier.”

    The Caye Caulker Water System became a reality through efforts of the BWS and funding from the Government of Belize (GOB). According to Mr. Haydon Brown, the entire village of Caye Caulker presently has access to the water system. “The water being pumped to the residents of Caye Caulker is healthy enough to drink”, stated Mr. Brown as he re-iterated Mr. Villanueva’s statement in regards to the importance of this new utility, “With this improved water quality and quantity it provides better health and environmental standards to the residents of the caye and it should attract more tourist in the future”.

    He went on to inform that a survey conducted by BWS in May 2010 showed that of the approximately 400 households in Caye Caulker, there were 307 residential and 52 non residential households that were connected to the new water system. Caye Caulker’s Water System has a capacity of 15,000 gallons per day, which is well above the demand for water in Caye Caulker. At a cost of 3.05 million Belize dollars, this sate of the art system is comprised of a water treatment plant as well as the actual system, 5.5 miles of main pipes.
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