Fire victims funds dispersed

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 15            April 13, 2000

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Shortly after the unfortunate fire disaster that occurred on December 17th, 1999 which completely destroyed two homes on Barrier Reef Drive, the community of San Pedro joined forces to raise funds to aid the victims. The great efforts of the residents of the island and from other parts of the country raised a large sum for this cause. After all was said and done, the task of dispersing the funds was passed on to the Board of Directors of the San Pedro Lions Club. Almost four months later, the club is happy to report how the monies collected were distributed. After many meetings and recommendations it was unanimously agreed that the Valdez family required most of the help. The club soon got to work (special mention must be made of Mr. Abel Guerrero's tireless work on behalf of the club) and today they are pleased to announce the Valdez family has moved into their new home. The total amount of money collected was $63,822.57. From this amount the construction of the Valdez' home totaled $41,781.79. Other victims of the disaster were the Reyes' who lost their business situated downstairs from the Valdez's. They were assisted with a cash donation of $5,000 plus construction materials worth $1,500 donated by Caribbean Depot, bringing their share to $6,500. Vicky Nelder, Santiago Acosta and Mr. Juan Alamilla, also victims of the fire, each received $5,000. Marcos Larios, who had an art gallery in the same building, managed to save most of his paintings and was aided with $400. Two teachers living in the Valdez's home (Mssrs. Gustavo and Emir Ellis) also lost their belongings and were aided with $800 each. The total amount after dispersing the money came to $63,781.79, leaving a balance of $40.78.

    The San Pedro Lions Club thanks the general public for their donations and the victims for their patience until now, when the money was distributed. They wish all of them the best in the future and remind them that "every dark cloud has a silver lining."
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