Leni Flores wins Outstanding Teacher Award

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 22            June 1, 2000

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Leni Flores accepts certificate and check from Wil and Susan Lala

Receiving the Outstanding Teacher Award this week and a one thousand dollar bonus was Standard V Teacher, Leni Flores. Teacher Flores has faithfully served the educational community for many years and is well-deserving of this honor. In the nomination letters she was described as "-she is a hard working teacher." "She is kind to all students." "-when I don't understand something she teaches it over without scolding or screaming. In fact, in a fine and kind way."

    Susan and Dr. Wil Lala of Caribbean Villas hosted the teachers of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School to a private luncheon at Micky's Place on Tuesday. Caribbean Villas Hotel honored these professionals who have a great impact on education and our lives through our children. Joining the Lalas were Principal Roxannie Kay;  Clement Wade, General Manager of the Belize Catholic Schools; Flor Bradley, Consulting Committee Chairperson and twenty-three teachers.

    In keeping with Education Awareness Week held in May, the Lalas decided to give the community the opportunity to select the outstanding teacher for the year 1999/2000. Nominations were done by writing letters explaining why a certain teacher should be selected and how they knew the teacher. Over three hundred entries were received and reviewed by the Lalas and their committee.

    After enjoying Micky's famous burritos, the Lalas, accompanied by Mrs. Bradley, issued  certificates of recognition to all the teacher's. Five of the twenty-three teachers also received a special Merit Award and cash award because of their outstanding performance as educators. The five recipients of these awards were Teachers Rosario Guerrero (Beginners), Marilyn Sutherland (Standard III), Julia Martinez (Standard III), Asinette Ayala (Standard IV) and Hermojenes Acosta (Standard III).

    Mrs. Susan Lala commented that this was the first award of its kind and they are pleased with the response from the public. They hope to make the Outstanding Teacher Award a yearly event. In speaking with Principal Kay, she told the San Pedro Sun, "This type of event and recognition motivates our teachers to keep giving their best to improve the quality of education in our school. We appreciate the kind gesture from Mr. and Mrs. Wil Lala of Caribbean Villas."

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