San Pedro Hospital and Library receive donations

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 30            July 27, 2000

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Mr. & Mrs. Polak present check to Lions President Flora Ancona

The San Pedro Library and the San Pedro Lions Inter-Community Hospital have recently received generous donations from friends in the United States. Elaine and Joe Polak, founders of the Aimee Eve Polak Memorial Scholarship Fund visited the island last weekend and presented the checks.

    The Aimee Eve Polak Memorial Scholarship Fund is in memory of Aimee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Polak of Skillman, New Jersey, who was tragically killed in a car accident on April 8th, 1996. The funds for this scholarship are made possible through donations from their local corporations and small businesses who sponsor participants of the "Run With Aimee" 5K Race and One Mile Ramble held yearly. This year over one thousand persons participated, generating over US$30,000. Through this race it enables them to distribute donations of this kind to numerous organizations in the United States and now San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

    The Polaks, who have been visiting San Pedro since 1992 and now own a condo at Royal Palm Villas, have been following the progress of the San Pedro Library and the Lions Inter-Community Hospital through their subscription to the San Pedro Sun. Because Aimee was an avid reader, they decided to share some of the funds with the San Pedro Library. They, as well, saw the importance of a hospital on the island and also opted to donate towards its completion. The Polaks hope this will not be the last time that San Pedro receives donations from the Aimee Eve Polak Memorial Scholarship Fund. The San Pedro Library received US$500 and the San Pedro Lions Inter-Community Hospital US$3,000.

    The community of San Pedro thank Mr. and Mrs. Polak and all the participants of this fund for their kind donations. Through this significant gesture Aimee will live on in the hearts of La Isla Bonita.
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