New Fire Trucks for San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 30            July 27, 2000

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Chief Plummer with new government fire truck

A brand new fire truck has recently arrived on the island courtesy of the Government of Belize, facilitated by the Ministry of Housing, Urban Renewal and Home Affairs. Mr. Denice Plummer, San Pedro Fire Chief explained that this new vehicle is equipped with all the necessary amenities and was inspected by the Belize Fire Department before its arrival to the island. Ironically, just before the truck arrived in San Pedro a brush fire threatened to destroy a large area in the San Marcos Area of San Pedro Town. The fire department was called to the site but their arrival was delayed due to transmission problems the old fire truck was experiencing. After finally arriving the truck's pump also seemed to be giving problems. The portable pumps are not as portable as they sound and could not be used because of a lack of transportation. Needless to say, with the aid of the people of San Pedro and eventually the fire truck's pump working properly the fire was extinguished. With the arrival of this new truck the fire department hopes to eliminate these frightening occurrences.

    San Pedro Town will also be the proud owner of yet another fire truck; a donation from the city of Cherryville, North Carolina, USA. The truck is scheduled to arrive in Belize City on Saturday, July 29th. Upon its arrival the truck will undergo a full inspection by the National Fire Service Department and suitable hoses will be adapted and fitted to it. It will then head on to its final destination - San Pedro.
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