Our Community - Beto Marin - "Full of 'Fresh' ideas in San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 31            August 3, 2000

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Beto Marin

An outstanding person can be categorized in many ways. They are people that are committed to serving organizations, their state, community or country. They are people who take on challenges and work hard to reach their desired goals. They are people who know how to delegate work and be workers themselves. This week's personality is without a doubt one of San Pedro's most outstanding personalities - Mr. Edilberto "Beto" Marin.

    On July 1st, 1943, Edilberto was born to Inelda and Carlos Marin in San Pedro Village. Among his three sisters and three brothers, Beto displayed all the characteristics of a leader from the time he was a child. He attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School and subsequently became a pupil teacher for two years. Because of his keen interest in education, the Catholic Mission granted Beto a scholarship to continue his studies at St. John's College in Belize City. Having tasted and knowing the rewards of knowledge, he felt compelled to continue his schooling and enrolled at St. John's College Extension for two years, majoring in Accounting.

    In 1964, Beto joined the staff at Caribeña Cooperative as a secretary. After only two years at this job, he was offered a six-month Managerial Course in Cooperatives at the University of New Foundland in Canada. Upon his return to San Pedro and Caribeña Cooperative, he was promoted to accountant. Two years later he was promoted to Manager and spent eight years helping the cooperative to flourish. Putting his creativity to work, he designed the logo used on exportation boxes.

    In the meantime, Beto fell in love and married Nita Ayuso on April 18th, 1965 and together they have raised four children; Mireya, Imelda, Nita and Flor. His free time was spent exploring some of his many interests, especially music. Along with other friends, Beto became one of the first members of Los Automicos del Caribe, a group that entertained many with their wonderful music. This band further managed to import the first set of electrical instruments to San Pedro, obtaining them from a friend in the USA. Beto was and still is a talented electric guitar and bass player.

    Shortly after leaving the Cooperative, Beto decided to venture into his own business and opened Nita's Supermarket. This was the first supermarket in San Pedro and although it was not as large as the present day ones, in those days it compared to the ranks of Romac's in Belize City. With the help of his wife and family, Nita's Supermarket flourished for twelve long years.

    Then after carefully studying the growing tourism industry, Beto felt there was a potential market for purified water in San Pedro and the rest of the country. In October of 1987, Beto brought to San Pedro another first - Aqua Fresh Enterprises. He supplied his products to businesses in San Pedro, leading supermarkets in Belize City and Caye Caulker. Although the town's people were skeptical at first about the success of this business, he continued with his plan and became one of the leading purified water suppliers on the island. For the past eight years, Beto Marin has also worked as the Deputy General Manager for Holiday Lands, a real estate agency, where he has established a good working relationship.

    Mr. Marin has also been a humble servant to his community in many ways. Before San Pedro gained its Township status, he served on the Village Council for six years looking after the well-being of its people. He then went on to serve as a Town Board member for three years under the San Pedro United Movement (SPUM) and an additional three years under the People's United Party (PUP). Although he served his people as Town Councilor, Beto has made an even bigger contribution to San Pedro as a Lion. In 1975, he was one of the founding members of the Lions Club of San Pedro and served as their first Treasurer. Since his induction into the Club, he has devoted numerous hours to the promotion of this worldwide organization. In the twenty-five years he has been a Lion, Beto has served in all ranks of this club including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Leo Advisor and as a member on the Board of Directors. He has also excelled in Cabinet levels as Secretary/Treasurer, Region Chairman I and II, Convention Chairman, Membership Chairman and District Governor. He has attended International Lions Conventions in New Orleans and Miami and all the Istmania Conventions (Central America) with the exception of Nicaragua. As a fellow Lion he has been instrumental in educating potential members and been the right hand for countless Past Presidents. Presently Lion Marin is the Chairman of the San Pedro Lions Inter-Community Hospital. Lion Marin has rightfully earned the most distinguished awards in Lionism including being the first  San Pedro Lion to receive the Melvin Jones Fellow Award (the highest in Lions International). Other awards presented to him include the 100% Governor's Award from Lions International for accomplishing all the requirements during his term; four Certificates of Appreciation from different International Presidents and many Awards of Recognition from District 59 and the San Pedro Lions Club. Lion Beto Marin also holds the record of perfect attendance (100%) throughout his twenty-five years of service. In speaking about the Lions Club, Beto commented, "The spirit of Lionism is in one's heart and should be transmitted through humanitarian activities to the less fortunate without searching for rewards. We should preserve it and share it during our daily lives. It is something very special to oneself and benefits the entire community."

    Mr. Edilberto Marin has served his town in many capacities. As a Town Councilor he worked honestly and for all his people; as a businessman he knew in his heart the needs of San Pedro and as a Lion has served without limitations. Mr. Marin is innovative and works diligently to improve the island, remaining a "First" in "Our Community."

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