C-JAMM wins Belize Carnival King/Queen competition

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 36            September 7, 2000

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Enthusiastic C-Jammers celebrate their King/Queen victory

Imagine a mammoth-sized re-creation of the mythical Medusa, equipped with glowing eyes, and you have the winning Carnival Queen of Belize City. Medusa, known in mythology as, Queen of the Lower World and the only mortal of the three Gorgons, was C-JAMM's entry for this year's Senior Carnival Queen competition. To put icing on the cake, C-JAMM also walked away with the King title as well, depicting Mulsiber, Lord of Torment. C-JAMM, one of three decorative and competitive carnival groups, spared no details in both presentations and the end result was a multi-colored, shimmering King and Queen Costume. Complete with fire-breathers and fireworks, the C-JAMM entries won enormous applause from the thousands of spectators and the judges. Queen Medusa was awarded a $5000 cash prize and Lord Mulsiber $3000. Prizes were also given out in the Junior category.

    C-JAMM will now move on to the battle of the bands on Saturday, September 9th. C-JAMM, consisting of over 165 masqueraders, will depict the mythological new world Urania-The Fifth Dimension. During the carnival parade, this Saturday afternoon the 9th, its masqueraders will portray this empire with their elaborate costumes of Nero, Urania, Cythera, Medusa, the Tritonites and Mulsiber. Other bands competing for the overall best senior carnival group are Cultural Heritage and Jem Belize among others. Other bands will compete in the junior category as well.

    This year C-JAMM has included the participation of Mr. Wil Alamilla and Mr. Felix Ayuso of San Pedro in their troupe. The San Pedro participants take this opportunity to thank the following persons who helped make their participation with C-JAMM possible: The Pier Lounge, Paradise Resort Hotel, the San Pedro Sun, Moncho's Rentals and Belize Rural South. Wil and Felix also thank all the C-Jammers who have made their integration into the group very warm. Special thanks to Anita Hamilton and Shalue Butcher for keeping them updated on the latest developments of the group throughout this time. All Belizeans are invited to witness this one of a kind event happening this weekend in the city - the ever-colorful Belize Carnival!

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