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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 37            October 9, 2000

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Adaly Guerrero

In 1955, the village of San Pedro crowned its first beauty ambassador, Miss Leni Aguilar Alamilla. Since then, intelligent, talented and extremely beautiful ladies have had the honor of holding this prestigious title. This past New Year's Eve, a bevy of beauties graced the stage at Central Park as most of the past Miss San Pedro winners reunited to welcome the year 2000. On September 21st, another Sanpedrana was crowned as La Isla Bonita's queen, making her the first Miss San Pedro of the millennium - Adaly Guerrero.

    This charming young beauty was born in Belize City to San Pedro parents, Soila and Omar Guerrero, on June 23rd, 1982. From a very early age, Adaly displayed dancing talent and a good personality. By the age of six, she was enrolled as a member of the Wave Dancers dance group. Although she had a great passion for dance and dedicated numerous hours to it, she also gave much time to her studies, graduating first from San Pedro Roman Catholic School and then San Pedro High School in 1999.

    With time, Adaly mastered the art of dancing, performing at many town functions as a member of the Wave Dancers, coached by Mrs. Velie Paz Williams. From her time on the stage as a dancer, she developed self-esteem and grew up a confident young woman. Because of her friendly disposition, she was invited to participate in the first ever Miss Teen San Pedro Pageant. This experience, Adaly says, broadened her horizons, built her confidence and encouraged her to be more positive and open-minded. Her participation in this pageant captured the hearts of many and when the opportunity arose to send a contestant from San Pedro to the Miss Teen Belize Pageant last year, Adaly did not hesitate to become one of the first young ladies to represent our island. Adaly did a superb job and earned a position as one of the semi-finalists.

    Adaly was once again in the spotlight at the recent September Celebrations commemorating Belize's independence. When offered the opportunity to participate in the Miss San Pedro Pageant, she says she accepted because of the wealth of experience and self-confidence she would gain, not to mention the lasting friendships she would make. Armed with poise and grace, this island beauty walked away with the title of Miss San Pedro 2000. Adaly told the San Pedro Sun that during her reign as Miss San Pedro she hopes to work with the community for the progress of our island. She stated, "I don't only want to be seen as a beauty queen, I want to work together with Town Council and other non-profit organizations, like the Lions Club, to prove that being a beauty queen does not only mean a crown on your head. I want to be known for my intelligence and contribution to this society. I feel that when a person is chosen to represent his or her community, it should be done with pride and dignity; I certainly intend to accomplish this. Adaly continued, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped me during the pageant. A special thanks to my parents, family and friends. Special thanks to my sponsor, Tropic Air, Mrs. Catherine Paz and the organizing committee."

    So, what will be Adaly's next great achievement, Miss Belize perhaps? When asked if she would consider participating in this pageant, she answered confidently that, if given the support of her community, she would gladly do so. May she proudly follow in the footsteps of island beauties such as Minnie Squires Dowell and Martha Badillo Iversen, who have represented us so admirably.

    She still continues practicing dance now with Barbara's Dance Group, of which she is an original member. Also, using her pageant experience, this vivacious eighteen year-old Belizean was instrumental in organizing the San Pedro High Popularity Contest. Another of Adaly's passions is traveling. To date, she has visited various Mexican cities including Cancun, Acapulco, Veracruz and Mexico City. She has also traveled to Miami and Houston and hopes to visit Europe some time in the future. Presently, Adaly is a ticket agent/flight dispatcher at Tropic Air in San Pedro who hopes to further her education by pursuing a degree in accounting.

    Adaly Guerrero will reign as San Pedro's beauty queen for the next year and without a doubt she has all it takes to accomplish this with her leadership skills and personality. Adaly Guerrero will surely be known in San Pedro history as a most worthy "Millennium Queen" in "Our Community."

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