TSTT assists BTL in restoring telephone service

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 41            November 9, 2000

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The TSTT crew take a break to pose for the San Pedro Sun

When a natural disaster such as Hurricane Keith occurs, many unprepared and unsuspecting people suffer. Although many Belizeans lost their belongings, their spirits are alive. What has motivated some of these people is the aid from our neighboring and faraway countries. Belize was blessed with the support it received when it came to food, clothing and even financial assistance. Relief has come in different forms from throughout the world.

    One specific crew, traveled from Trinidad and Tobago to assist the local Belize Telecommunication workers restore telephone service to the island. Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) came to the island following a request for help made to them by the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organization (CANTO). TSTT quickly responded to this call and dispatched a crew of 26 personnel to aid with the restoration. The team, consisting of an engineer, supervisor, manager, and a line installation and repair crew, arrived in San Pedro shortly after the disaster. They found that the situation was more critical than the initial estimate of work they were sent to do. Poles were down and wires and cables were strewn all over the place. Although it seemed a very difficult task the TSTT crew working along with BTL, achieved  extensive plant rehabilitation.

    In speaking with the San Pedro Sun, Mr. Irwin Joefield of TSTT said that Ambergris Caye is a very nice place and hopes to return some day. He mentioned that there are some similarities between San Pedro and Trinidad when it comes to the weather but that this island is more flat and sandy. Before their departure from Belize last Saturday, the crew was given a farewell party where Mr. Carlos Perez, External Plant Engineer for BTL in Belize City expressed his appreciation to them on behalf of the crew from Belize City and San Pedro. Mr. Perez went on to say that thanks to the ambitious crew it is estimated that 65% of the plant is up and running. A few of the TSTT crew members also took the opportunity to say a few words. They thanked the Belizean crew for their sincere welcome and said they hope that this new friendship will continue.

    The people of San Pedro join BTL in thanking the crew of TSTT for their contribution in helping to restore communication lines to La Isla Bonita and for all their hard work.

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