Our Community - Marcos Larios - "Painting the colorful side of San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 41            November 16, 2000

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Marcos Larios

La Isla Bonita has attracted a fair amount of artists, painters, musicians, sculptors and songwriters. The island ambiance and panoramic scenery has inspired some of the best works of these talented people. Being a tropical paradise, Ambergris Caye has become a haven for artists such as Marcos Larios.

    Marcos was born in Guatemala City on May 5th, 1969. Growing up in this beautiful country that borders Belize, Marcos developed an interest in working with colors. When he was fourteen years old, he moved to San Pedro where his first job was raking the beaches at one of the resorts on the island. It was here that he met well-known San Pedro artist, Eduardo "Papo" Alamilla. Marcos went to work with Papo helping him paint signs for shops and large businesses. This job rekindled Marcos' interest in the art business and the island setting provided the perfect opportunity for him.

    The unbelievable colors and beauty of this paradise sparked his desire to convey not only its splendor but the friendliness of its people and the many examples of its breathtaking nature on canvas. Through Papo, Marcos studied and learned many techniques. After experimenting, he found himself discovering more brilliant colors. Marcos was and is still is in love with these vivid colors and uses them with flare to depict his subjects (underwater and island scenes are his favorite) in his scenarios.

    His paintings soon became a favorite of art enthusiasts. He has had many art exhibitions throughout Belize, including one art show at the Baron Bliss Institute in Belize City. Marcos Larios' name is not only known in Belize but also the international world. He has held exhibits in Chicago, Illinois; New York, Arkansas, twice in California, USA and in his homeland of Guatemala. In Puerto Rico, his work was displayed at the famous "Salon de Bellas Artes".

    Marcos' dream of owning an art gallery on the island has finally come true. His fine creations are displayed at Ambergris Art Gallery, located at the SunBreeze Hotel, where he continues his sign painting business as well. He also plans to open another gallery, Ambergris Art Gallery and Handicraft, very soon on Pescador Drive. Here, apart from his paintings, he will also display local artist's crafts.

    Although Marcos has achieved "celebrity" status when it comes to painting, he has not lost his humble, friendly disposition and giving nature. In his gallery he also promotes other artists of San Pedro and Belize. Furthermore, he has donated his art skills to the San Pedro Town Council, the San Pedro Lions Club and to different churches on the island. Marcos also participates with other artists at the annual Green Reef Art Festival, showcasing the underwater wonders of San Pedro.

    Marcos hopes that his paintings bring happiness to the people who view them. With a magical touch of his brush, Marcos Larios has immortalized our island, portraying for the world the beautiful scenery in "Our Community."

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