New Sergeant for San Pedro Police Department

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 47            December 21, 2000

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Sergeant Florentino Salam

Sergeant Florentino Salam has officially accepted the post as Sergeant for the San Pedro Police Department. As reported in last week's edition of this newspaper, Sergeant Salam replaces Sergeant Alvarez who has been transferred to the Maritime Wing in Belize City.

    The residents of San Pedro will be happy to learn that Sergeant Salam has had eight years of experience working for the police force. He has held positions in all branches, including the Special Branch and Criminal Investigation Branch. In December of 1999, Corporal Salam's efforts in fighting the battle against crime were rewarded as he was promoted to Sergeant. He has performed his duty in places like Corozal, Belize City and now San Pedro Town.    

     Since his arrival to Ambergris Caye on December 11th, Sergeant Salam has been busy learning the day-to-day duties at the police station. He was impressed with the beauty of the island and the friendliness of its people. Sergeant Salam told the San Pedro Sun, "This is a unique place, very different from the mainland. It seems like one of those places where the people are law abiding citizens. There is a great feeling of respect here and I admire this. The people's hard work and dedication to the community is obvious, especially how quickly this island has gotten back on its feet despite the destruction caused by Keith. The good spirit of the people here is commendable."

    "I hope to be able to develop a close working relationship with the residents of this island. I want them to see the police as friends so that together we can stop or at least keep crime to a very minimum," commented Sergeant Salam. Having worked with the CIB, Sergeant Salam's investigation techniques will certainly be an asset to solving burglary and theft crimes. In addition, the fact that he is bilingual (Spanish/English) will definitely be a plus for many residents.

    The San Pedro Sun joins the residents of Ambergris Caye in welcoming Sergeant Florentino Salam to the San Pedro Police Department.
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